Normal work continues

Friday disappeared into the ether and I think I may have faffed a little. I know I did some reading for the non-fiction book as well as some regular research reading (or what other people call “reading novels”). I think I was feeling a tad burned out. So it was nice to have a bit of a recharge day.

Today has been month-end admin. I’ve done my month-end accounts and I’ve started my new month word-count tracker spreadsheet. I also did some online banking.

This morning, as well as month-end finances, I checked through a client-edit back from the author. The author has made some tweaks but I can’t see them on the tracked changes. So I’ve given the publisher the go ahead to send to first printing and I’ll give it a thorough checking at first proof stage.

The author changed the title too, and I think the new title is much better than the old one, so I was happy to do that.

The next job was firing off a new invoice. (Hurrah!)

This afternoon has been band admin for the poet’s band. They already have quite a few gigs in for next year and I wanted to give some who missed out this year an early heads up for the gigs still remaining next year.

Almost immediately an enquiry came in for a wedding, so I had a chat with her, and another friend asked why there were no gigs in Sheffield, so I replied to him too. The band would love some gigs in Sheffield, they just don’t come in.

Aside from shooing some cows out of the garden, that’s about it for today. Back to the non-fiction book tomorrow. 🙂

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