Classic editing

Greylag Geese at Cleethorpes (Picture © Diane Wordsworth)

Friday disappeared down a dark hole when I ended up in a support conversation with WordPress due to one post not auto-posting to Facebook, the Facebook Share button not working (on the same post), and then the preview not working when I copied the URL over manually.

We worked out a quick fix, which isn’t ideal, particularly as I’m paying for premium support now as part of my package. But at least we got it working.

Classic Editor v. Block Editor

I got into another conversation regarding the block feature on WordPress, which nobody likes at all as far as I can tell. In fact, I just keep on seeing more and more complaints from users about how much they actually detest, in some cases, the block editor.

And then I found out about the quick way to access the old classic editor. I’ve been using Classic Editor as a block for ages, but even that has started to play up.

If I’m proofreading my post before publishing it, for example, and I want to make a correction, the cursor isn’t going where the correction needs to go. It’s bouncing to the top.

So now I am very happy that I can just access Classic Editor again from the start. I just hope they don’t switch it off completely. (It’s apparently supported until 2022.)

Then we went and did the shopping via our first garden visit with the mother-in-law. It was nice to sit in the sunshine in the garden instead of being stuck in the car in the cold. But by the time we got back and put the shopping away, it was teatime and the day was over.

Weekend working

On Saturday morning, I sat down and went through all of our walking guides looking for walks within about an hour’s drive that were around 2 – 2½ miles long that we could go to on Sunday. This is part of my getting-back-to-fitness regime.

I got it down to a short list of three walks, we reduced it to two when I said I’d like to do the other one when we could do the extra bit as well (it’s a 3-mile walk with a 2-mile shorter route), and then it really was a case of is-it-in-my-left-hand-or-in-my-right?

The poet went out to measure the garden, because we’re turfing over the gravel in the summer and he needs to draw a picture. And then he went into his studio.

Meanwhile, I shut myself in my office, wrote and scheduled this blog, and switched the internet off. For the rest of the day, and with my Pomodoros on, I caught up with the ghostwriting.

Weekend walking

The winning weekend walk was the Cleethorpes promenade walk, which is 2 miles long. (Hence the Cleggie geese in the picture.) Obviously this goes along the promenade, or the beach if the beach is still open to dogs when we get there, and then it goes around the back of the seafront part of the town.

Hopefully, tomorrow’s blog will have more on the walk and perhaps some photographs.

Plan for today

The plan for today is:

  • write a blog post for tomorrow
  • 1 hour on Project Management for Writers (writing)
  • 1 hour on The Beast Within (writing – yay!)
  • the rest of the day on the ghostwriting

The ghostwriting is due in at the end of tomorrow, so tomorrow’s plan will be much the same as today’s.

Gosh, this classic editing is much easier and quicker and less stressful than the block editing … 😇