Working hard

To the outsider, it may look as though I had the last 4 days off. And I did have a 4-day weekend. However, I was working solidly on Saturday and Sunday, and I finished work at 2am on Monday morning.

I did this so that I could have a good couple of days off with the poet.

Monday morning we were a bit tired (he stayed up with me), but we did go to the seaside and we had a nice walk along Cleethorpes beach. We had a good breakfast before we went, took some healthy snacks with us, and had chicken and chips for tea.

On Tuesday, we were supposed to be doing L is for… for the alphabet adventurers, but the weather wasn’t on our side. We’re not really fair-weather walkers, but if it’s very grey, it’s not good for filming, and if it’s raining, we get raindrops on the lens, even though the poet does have raincoats for the camera.

Instead we went to a place called Cusworth Hall in Doncaster, and we had a walk around the grounds as well as around the lakes.

a sneaky peek at January’s Words Worth Reading

Two days off like that, and making sure we spent some of it outside, has had a great effect on me and my work.

Altogether, in November, I’ll have published 5 books. Three of them are already out, the last 2 are coming out next Monday and the following Monday.

Today I’ve been faffing with my publishing schedule for December and January. I’ve even planned a few more for the near future, depending on when things like Shrovetide and Easter fall.

Once I’d settled on what I want to publish, I set about creating the flyers and Instagram posts. They’re all short stories in December, all rebranded and repackaged from the archives.

There’s a new Words Worth Reading out on 3 January and I have two new stories to write for that, a new series episode, and the novella I’m writing for NaNoWriMo to finish. Everything else is done, including the cover.

I also created flyers and IG posts for my current reading. I have monthly flyers and individual flyers. And then I went in and created new book covers for one of the new stories I’ll be writing for the January issue and for one of the rebrands.

Everything is in the sidebar now (or below, if you’re viewing on a mobile device). Well, not the December flyers yet. Those will appear at the same time the snow starts to fall on the blog…

I did do some NaNo work on Friday, but I’ll do a NaNo catch-up tomorrow.