Tuesday 30 January 2024: Too much people, again…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I had too much people yesterday. Yes, two people is too much. (Although the second person was really three…) Saying that, the two dogs I saw were perfectly fine.

One job I did do was chase three short stories I submitted to a publication last year. I’m not sure how long we’re supposed to wait before chasing, but I would like to use them myself this year if they don’t want them. So I chased them. By the end of the day, I hadn’t received a response, but I do know some of them are on short weeks there.

A job I started and finished was an abbreviations file for the nasty edit I did last year. There were so many corrections in the original version that I didn’t have the heart to mark them all up on the pdf and make the designer do it all. The designer designs; the editor edits. So I stripped out the abbreviations to a Word file, corrected them, and sent them back to be dropped in again.

The hedge man came back to us: Can he start today…? After saying it would be a Friday/Saturday job and it probably wouldn’t be this week. The poet was all for saying yes, but he’s not here and he’s not the one whose day will be disrupted. In the end, I said he could come, but we’d leave the gate unlocked so he could let himself in as I’d be busy. He said he’d be here around 10am.

I finished a book for NetGalley that I was quite disappointed with. I was going to just send a quiet review to NetGalley and not post a public one, but there are other readers who agree with my own thoughts. So I think I’m going to do it.

That’s what’ll be on the agenda today, in between listening out for the hedge man and doing what writing and editing I can. I also have last week’s backup to do and this week’s diary.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday 30 January 2024: Too much people, again…

  1. I have a bunch of People Time coming up this weekend (I’m on an author Q&A panel at our local library, and also my mother is coming so we’ll do family time) and I just want to wrap up in my blanket and read or watch movies or write.

    1. One of the problems with working from home is losing my people skills. I just don’t seem to like them any more! lol

      Good luck with the Q&A thing!

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