Tuesday 28 November 2023: Onwards and upwards…

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I had such good intentions yesterday. But as with the best laid plans, I think you know what’s coming next…

The poet got off to a good start. He didn’t want to get up with the lark, but he did. Temperatures dropped overnight and we had freezing rain. I know this because I was up with the dog at about 4:30am waiting for him to have a slow walk around the garden. It’s blummin cold on the doorstep in your nightie at the best of times that early in the morning. But yesterday it was even colder as the first of the wintry weather started to arrive.

He got off on time, then got stuck in traffic going ovver th’ill (over the hill, across the Pennines, from Yorkshire to Lancashire, etc). When he emerged on the other side, there had been not one but two accidents. One involved a van and a lorry (truck). The other, a few hundred metres/yards away, involved a police car and a set of traffic lights… Oh. Dear.

BUT… he made it safely, even if he was late. He’s on a course today and will be back this evening.

The icy rain continued right up until the dog and I got up again, and this time he refused to stay outside. I caught up with social media and read for a bit and I arrived at my desk with the intention of cracking on with a lot of work. I managed to get the shredder working again – I simply changed plug sockets, so now I wonder if it blew a fuse in the trailing gang socket plug – so I filled up a bag and took that out to the bin.

Back at my desk, I had a FB notification and the next thing I knew I was having an argument with someone who thought I was attacking a certain group of people and who suggested I didn’t know what it was like to struggle financially…(Excuse me? Oh, how we laughed…) When the poet spotted it, he knew it was another red rag to this particular bull, and the bull, unfortunately wasn’t laughing.

And that ruined me for the rest of the day. I took the recycle wheelie bin out, wrote yesterday’s blog post, started today’s, but didn’t get a lot else done. So I pushed everything to one side and instead concentrated on something easy – my Christmas FB profile picture in Canva. And this week’s diary. Oh yes, and some Monkey Dust admin. And I shared the gig list post. When it grew dark, I moved into the living room with my editing for the evening.

So maybe it wasn’t a total write-off after all. Onwards and upwards.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday 28 November 2023: Onwards and upwards…

    1. Thank you. This is the second time she’s had a pop at me and she’s now restricted. I’m keeping a close eye on things and my finger is hovering over that delete button.

      I really don’t care a jot if someone disagrees with me, and I’m always interested in and willing to listen to other people’s opinions. But to completely ignore what I said in my original post, and then to attack me – and so publicly… Nah. She’s not long for this world.

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