Monday 27 November 2023: A slow start

Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay

Running late today, so hopefully a quick one to catch up with.

Friday was busy. I started the day with some editing. I didn’t have any writing workshops to watch, and I didn’t want to start anything I might not finish – or reach a point at which I was happy to finish. So I pottered about, doing a bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of housework. Until I was ready to go and get my new hair.

I met the hairdresser’s young (12?) daughter for the first time. She had a singing exam at the weekend and was feeling a bit nervous. So we had a chat and when I left, I wished her luck and both of them a happy Christmas and a merry new year. My next appointment is in January.

When I got home, it looked as though I might be getting the car out to go into town and collect my new eyes. If the poet wasn’t likely to make it to pick me up, we were going to take two cars and meet there. Fortunately, he did get home in time to get something to eat before we headed off to town.

We were very quickly in and out of the optician’s. I’m still in two minds about whether or not to buy a second pair for half price. But I have three months to decide. We posted the wills and the lasting powers of attorney, and we were home again in good time for us both to pick up work again. But again, I couldn’t get going and besides, the busy weekend was looming.

Saturday morning we were at the vet, and it’s a good job we’re on the ball because the vet was going to do a blood test when the dog isn’t due for another for at least another two weeks. It was just his anti-inflammatory jab and to collect his pills for the month. We made appointments for the blood test in two weeks’ time and we made his next monthly appointment too.

Then it was back home to write up a meal plan and a shopping list before heading off to the supermarket via the butcher. We got back in time to have a quick, light tea, and the poet had to head off for Saturday night’s gig.

Two hours later, he came to collect me, but just as we arrived we were warned that the gig might not be going ahead. The drains were blocked and backing up and it depended on how quickly they could get it attended to. Before long, all of the bars and food places were closing up shop and an announcement was made that the venue was having to close.

The band ragged down again, two band members and their partners went home, the drummer, his wife and two fans went to one pub, while we and another guest went to another pub. We wanted to see an old pal of ours – three old pals, actually – in their relatively new band. They were delighted to see us but we could only stay for the first set as we didn’t want to leave the dog on his own for longer than necessary.

We had a lazy start on Sunday, but as soon as he was up, the poet was making gingernut (British) biscuits. He put the bread machine on, for convenience really while he did other things, and I made an apricot cake for pudding. We had a roast chicken dinner and cream on the apricot cake. I probably have a similar dinner today, replacing the ‘dinner’ part with ‘and chips’ (fries).

I had a few things to do today, but was a bit annoyed by something that pretty much set the level for the rest of the day. Tomorrow will be better, even if it means keeping off social media.

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    1. It’s a large venue with several catering businesses. If it was just a pub, they might have got away with it. But the food on the premises meant they couldn’t risk it.

    1. There will be a lot more where that came from, as we near Christmas, especially if we have vegan guests again. Two of everything!

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