Thursday 26 October 2023: Dear Universe… A word, please…

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Today was supposed to be a day off, but we moved the day off to next Wednesday and now I have to work today. I don’t mind. I need to work. I have a lot of catching up to do. And this time, it’s not through laziness.

I was doing all right on Tuesday. Indeed, I’d done all right all week so far. But on Tuesday I started to feel a bit weird. When I started to see flashing lights, when I started to have palpitations in my stomach, when I was so dizzy I almost fell, I went to bed.

Last week I had a stomach bug. This week I clearly picked up the poet’s cold. On Tuesday I had a migraine and had to go to bed. With NaNo starting next week, I really don’t have time to be sick, and I’m already busy as it is.

We still have tomorrow off. (Yay!) But then it gets a bit silly

  • On Saturday morning the dog goes to the vet for his monthly check-up plus an extra blood screening.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, the gas engineer is coming to check the boiler.
  • On Wednesday morning – at 9:20am! – I have a hospital appointment that’s going to throw me off kilter for the rest of the day. I

(They’re still trying to find out why I had pancreatitis last year when I don’t drink or smoke or have gallstones. Evidently, one doesn’t get pancreatitis for no reason…)

  • On Friday morning, we have appointments with the asthma nurse.
  • On Friday afternoon we have appointments at the optician.

Oh, and did I mention that NaNo starts on Wednesday? I also still have a really nasty edit to complete before then, and a new, much nicer, one to start.

Far too much people for a non-people person. I really, really don’t have time to be sick and that’s why I need to have a word with the Universe. Honestly, it has no sense of timing.


Once ‘at work’, I caught up on emails and social media and I started today’s blog post.

An email came in from the client I turned the quick job around for last week, asking if I could take on a bigger editing job. I know the job will be fun and interesting, and I know that if I knuckle down I can do it. So I started to think about how to reply to her.

Then I put the laptop to one side and did some hard copy editing in my lap. The light’s not great in the living room, but I was keen and able to do the last of the hard copy edit for this particular job before cracking on with the bigger, even more time-consuming screen edit.

Reader, I finished it! Yay! Okay, I still have the screen edit to do, but the hard copy edit is such a big thing, especially with the author STILL sending in additional material.

I responded to the editing query and closed down for the day. Today I start that screen edit.

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