Friday 27 October 2023: What day off?

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Today was supposed to be another day off. But because I’ve only been doing half-days this week, I’ll probably squeeze in some more work time. Mostly just so I can get a particularly nasty job off my desk and gone.

The day didn’t start well yesterday. We’re both still feeling the effects of this cold/flu thing. We’ve both tested negative for the plague, but the symptoms are similar. Very similar. The poet was supposed to be working on site, which was one reason I moved our optician appointments to next week. But as he managed to complete all of his site-related stuff the day before, it meant he could work from home.

We struggled to get up but he was up well before me. I think it was 11:30am gone by the time I joined him. We had a light meal before getting on with some work. (More work for him.)

I had two messages on Reedsy to respond to. One potential client wanted her work done by the end of November. Nope. I can’t fit that one in. So I sent her a quick reply politely letting her know that I’m full to the end of February. The other was the client whose work I did last week asking for some information, which I drafted and sent back to her.

I’d been struggling with the bibliography aspect of the nasty editing job and in the early hours I had a bit of a brain murmur. The author had sent in a table for the bibliography and when I tried converting the table to text, it was a real jumble of mess. I’ve been battling with what to do with it for weeks so when the idea occurred to me, I could hardly wait to try it out.

Try it out I did and, yes, it did work. So that will save me a ton of extra work before I send it back to the client. The designer already has a lot of work to do with this particular book and I’ll try my best to make it as easy as possible for him to do that. I was feeling a bit smug, though, and even detected a slight spring in my step.

Another two documents arrived for Probate stuff, so I signed those and stuffed them in the envelope provided, then started work on the bibliography. I was surprised at how pleasant the job was, now I’d streamlined it a bit, and I rattled through it once I got into a rhythm. But it still took a long time and it had been dark for a while when I finally closed everything down.

I’m definitely taking today off if I can. Have a great weekend!

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