Wednesday 25 October 2023: Migraine…

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Image by Beate from Pixabay

The day started with an email off ClickUp trying to fix my recurring task problem on my calendar view. I had to take some screen shots and circle the issue with big arrows pointing to where it works and where it doesn’t work. The techie said it’s not a feature at the moment, so I showed him that, actually, it was, but that it doesn’t always work.

I didn’t hear anything back from the Probate people on Monday. They keep missing me out of the loop for some reason, ringing my sister first when they know she works away instead of emailing me. I keep pointing out that they’re asking me to do things for nothing that we’re actually paying them to do. Perhaps that’s it.

The People’s Friend writing hour was next, on X. I joined in while checking social media and other emails, and I shared the previous day’s blog post on Bluesky and CounterSocial. It will be good when Buffer finally gets its finger out and I can add those to my queue. There’s another add-on that already does that and Buffer seems to be losing clients to there. I haven’t had time to check it out yet, otherwise I’d probably be joining them.

A phone call came in from the contractors asking if they could arrange to look at the fascia boards at the back of the house that have gone rotten and fallen off. I told them they’d already looked at it and taken measurements and were going to come back regarding whether they partially replace it with timber or completely replace it with uPVC. He had a look and spotted that report…

Honestly, it makes me wonder if these people speak to each other! I had the same problem with the optician, having just moved our appointments from this Thursday to next Friday, they then called to remind us we had appointments this Thursday…

I’d woken up feeling dog rough, having clearly picked up the poet’s cold. He said I could have caught it at the same time that he had, but I think I would have had it at the same time as he did too rather than a week later. He’s still rough with it too. But by midday on Tuesday I was feeling it and nearly went for a lie down.

As I was feeling a bit out of sorts, I started to faff a bit on social media, removing older stories from Facebook, Twitter, CounterSocial and LinkedIn. While I was removing some from LinkedIn, I realised at least one auto-blog-post would make a good writing-related article for Substack, so I went and copied & pasted the story to there, top and tailing it and then publishing it.

Then I decided to share the same article to Medium and to Vocal, and then I opted to share a short story too. The first story I submitted to Vocal was accepted immediately, but the other three were still in limbo at the time of writing. They’re usually both quite quick at publishing stories so I expected it to happen as soon as I closed everything down.

I’m still publishing to publications on Medium. I’m just not posting things that will simply sit on only my profile.

I heard from Probate that everything I asked them to confirm they’d done they they’d actually done, so I thanked him. And I got temporarily thrown off and locked out of X for mentioning Bluesky in a message… I had to authenticate myself to get back on, but even so…

I did plan to do some editing, then, but I came over a bit migrainey so went for that lie down after all. First I looked for an image using the search criteria ‘headache’, and the ostrich was one that popped up.

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    • Since we’ve had Covid (or the jabs) we’ve both been sicker than we’ve ever been, apart from Ian’s sinuses, that is, which have been wonderful since he had his op. I don’t know if age has something to do with it too… We were both really ill after our last jabs, so I do sympathise. I bet your mom’s over hers already! You feel better soon too.