Wednesday 26 July 2023: More proofreading

my current proofreading & editing WIP

I had a slow start to the day yesterday, hitting my desk just in time to join in with the People’s Friend writing hour on Twitter… or X, or whatever we’re supposed to call it today. We had another lively discussion and I came away with not one but two topics to cover on the blog in future, when I can’t think of anything else to write.

The next job I did was Monkey Dust admin. Their next gig is at a new venue so I had to create new posters for Facebook and Instagram as well as the gig poster itself. When I did that, I was able to create an event on Facebook, invite the venue to co-host with us, and invite a number of people I thought might make it to that part of town.

I had my dinner and fed the garden birds. Then I printed off the pdf of the book I agreed with the client could be brought forward and sent on its merry way.

The doctor’s surgery finally caught up with me to arrange an appointment with the nurse. It’s the one we really don’t like having. Or one of them. And the consultant for my pancreatitis also wants a thyroid blood test. He thinks my thyroid is okay at the moment, it’s just working a bit hard.

The toner cartridge ran out on my printer, 46 pages in, so I changed that. Fortunately, the printer isn’t updated, so I can still use value toner cartridges instead of paying HP’s stupid prices. I wouldn’t have chosen a printer from HP. But it’s a Samsung, and HP have taken over the Samsung printers.

I had a quick look at the proofreader’s corrections and there weren’t many, so I decided to use my copy for my proofread. I’ll add his to mine, and then send that off. Hopefully by or before Friday. It’s 265 pages, but the print is nice and big. It should be an easy proofread.

I currently have three jobs with this client (pictured). From the bottom, a 527-word proofread, a 265-word proofread, and a new edit, a 159-page Word file at the moment. The 527-page job is probably the biggest I’ve ever had from this client. The last time I had one this thick, we split it into three books.

I put a lot of time aside to do some planning work, and I used it all as well. I’ve scheduled in workshops and lectures instead of podcasts for now. The next study along is on romance ghosts, so I want to swot up ahead on any romance lectures or workshops I can already watch. I’ve spotted another study along, an archived one, that has an extra pop-up included, so I want to build that one in too.

As I was busy, I kept my writing time to a minimum. But I added 292 words to Catch the Rainbow, bringing the current tally to 26,898 words. Then I proof-read 36 pages.

Today should be faster, and I should get more done.

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    1. It doesn’t always feel like it. And some people wonder why I jot down everything I do do in a day!

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