Monday 24 July 2023: Publication Day!

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We had an early start on Friday morning. The poet’s car had to go in for some work and as it was going to take all day, I followed him in my car and brought us home.

He then had meeting after meeting while I did some work on Substack and Medium. I uploaded half of last Thursday’s post, the bit about me. I’ll upload the other half one day this week.

I had to make sure that MS Teams was working for a 2:30pm meeting we both had to attend. I couldn’t get it to work so I sent the link to the poet.

He had an early dinner because he had another meeting at 1pm. I wasn’t hungry yet so I did some more proofreading while he did that. I put my earphones in so I could listen to rain and focus.

Our 2:30pm meeting ran on and on and on and on… we had to change the vet appointment from 4:35pm on Friday to 10:25am on Saturday. And then we had to rush off to collect the poet’s car.

We were up early again to take the dog to the vet. The vet was very happy with him, very happy to see how well he’s adapted to the wheels (the dog does love his wheels), and he doesn’t want to see him again for another three months. Yay!

We dropped the dog back and I did a meal plan and a shopping list, and then we went shopping. But it was a short day as the poet had an early gig on Saturday night, so we did nothing for the rest of the day. We just chilled. And we chilled again on Sunday.

I took the entire weekend off from work. I didn’t do any writing. I didn’t do any proofreading. I didn’t join in with any challenges. And I stayed off social media, other than to let people know I might be hacked in the foreseeable and to ignore anything dodgy off me.

Publication day

It’s publication day today for Diary of a Pussycat. This is the second book in the writers’ guide diary series. And you can find it in your favourite book shop here. The paperback is in production, but it takes a little longer.

There are two more to come in this series. Book 3 is Diary of a Cool Cat, and book 4 is Diary of a Tiger. Then this writing series is being put to bed.

Find all of my books here.

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    1. Thank you! And try it. It really does help slow things down during the week when you’re not constantly on the go all weekend as well. I know it’s only social media, but it’s good to feel free to do other stuff. Sometimes I also have non-digital days.

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