Thursday 2 Feb 2023: Back to work… of a fashion

Before he went to work yesterday, the poet tested himself for Covid and the result was negative. So off he pootled, and on his way home he called at his mother’s to drop in some test kits and he went to the supermarket too to get some shopping. We decided it might be a good idea to get some stuff in, just in case he did test positive, so I’d already sent him a shopping list by text.

He came home, we put the shopping away, and he made tea. But as we were watching telly, he started to feel a bit ill. He did another test, and this time he was positive! So that’s a negative and a positive result on the same day.

We did some research to find out the latest advice regarding Covid, and now we only have to isolate for five days from the day after the positive test. I thought it was five days after the day after the negative test, but apparently that’s changed again.

The poet let work know he wouldn’t be in today or tomorrow, and out of etiquette, he contacted the band as well, because we were all together on Friday evening. The drummer came back to us saying that the driver/lights man has also been in bed with it for two days. So that means we must have caught it at the gig after all.

The poet’s daughter was also at the gig last week, but so far she’s testing negative. She did a test this morning, which is more than five days after the event and the people who know apparently now believe that it takes five days to show. Fingers crossed she’s okay.

I’m feeling quite a lot better, but the poet’s feeling shit, quite honestly. I’m still testing positive, but at least I feel like doing something. So it’s back to work for me today… well, this afternoon. Although I am taking it easy and not killing myself trying to catch up.

I started to do this week’s diary on Monday, but it looks like I only got as far as putting in meal times and finish times for Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll change those days to SICK now and I’ll probably work when I can over the next four or five days. Well, we won’t be going anywhere so I may as well.

Today, then, it’ll be some ghostwriting, some editing and some writing. Plus, it’s my turn to look after the poet. The blog will be back to normal again tomorrow. (Said she, hopefully.)

4 thoughts on “Thursday 2 Feb 2023: Back to work… of a fashion

  1. so sorry to read you’re both suffering with this.
    Take care and take it easy.x

  2. I’m using the advice from my friend who worked on the vaccine, not from the “advice” posted that only wants people to get back to work and keep getting sick. Our public health officials just keep failing us.

    I hope you both feel better soon.

    1. Thank you. Ian’s had it a lot worse this time than last time. I’ve already decided I’m masking up again when out and about. He can do a lot of work from home when he’s recovered, but he was exempt from wearing a mask when it was mandatory, although he said if he was at that kind of risk somewhere, he just wouldn’t go rather than go and not mask up.

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