Diary of a Tiger: Thu 6 Oct 2022

Image by Jan Barkmann from Pixabay
Chapter 37: Thursday 6 October – or ‘we still haven’t had much time in the new garden’

We haven’t really had a lot of time in the garden yet. When we finally did get some time, we were absolutely knackered, and then the weather took a bit of a wet turn. Fortunately, the poet had already cut the grass and we did pick a few pears.


The poet’s 3-day work trip was cut short by a day, which was great because it meant he could come home a day early. I was really, really tired on Tuesday, though, and it ended up being a bit of a wasted day.

I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a short story to send off as my assignment to the pop-up workshop I revised a couple of weeks ago. So I gave that some more thought and had a bit of a doodle. 

But that was all I was good for. I need to buck up my ideas because I’m wasting time and will be complaining if I’m doing everything in a rush again.


Back at work on Wednesday and the big job was to publish the next book in the publishing challenge. It’s a collection of 10 Wordsworth Shorts and the collation took quite a lot longer than I expected it to. In fact, it took most of the day – because it’s an ebook and a paperback, and the paperbacks take a little longer.

Fortunately I have the covers for around 13 of these collections already made and credited, so I didn’t need to worry about that, just the interior.

On Tuesday evening we watched a telly programme that gave me an idea for the story I want to write, so I jotted a few notes down for that and created a temporary cover to go on Plottr.

I started to prepare a few more short stories that will be published when the publishing challenge is over and done with, and I started work on the NaNo project. I was going to strip out parts of The Fool and turn them into the short story The Two of Wands. But the storyline doesn’t fit in at all with the Two of Wands, so I started to fiddle with it…

Then I realised that if I moved a chunk from the start of about Chapter 6 of The Fool right to the beginning, then the storyline I already have for the novella works so much better.

I ordered the artwork for The Two of Wands in any case, and the poet promised me he’d work on it today.

And then I did some book cover work. I have 4 more books coming out between now and the end of my publishing challenge, and one of them I wasn’t really very happy with the cover. So I had a play around with that and changed it.


I have a lot of work to do today, involving short story-writing and ghostwriting. I also have another collection of 5 short stories to prepare for publication as I’m a bit behind and want to get ahead again for these last few books. This is the cover I was faffing with on Wednesday.

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