Diary of a Tiger: Tue 4 Oct 2022

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Chapter 36: Tuesday 4 October – or ‘there should be another book review here, but I don’t have one ready’

By Friday we were both very tired and ready for the weekend. I, however, still had a lot of work to do.

In the morning, the poet had meetings, but in between he started to change the address with various folk… until he tried to confirm a new account with the gas & electricity provider. Well, their website would not let him in, it wouldn’t let him change any of the details, it insisted that the details ‘didn’t match’, and if he wanted to wait for a chat rep, he was no. 67 in the queue.

While he waited in his queue and did some more work, I tried from the phone. But the robots only let me get so far before saying that the lines were closed in order to keep them clear for emergency repairs only. Apparently it was a busy day on Friday due to energy charges taking a leap the following day. So I took to Facebook and Twitter to complain.

Finally someone on Twitter came to my assistance, but by then the poet was at no. 1 in the queue and ‘chatting’ to someone. They changed all of the details and asked us to wait for 24 hours before checking again. So I ended my Twitter chat and made us something to eat.

By now, with work and other stuff in between, it was 3pm gone, and we were only just having dinner.

I couldn’t settle into the ghostwriting very well, but I did manage a good chunk before having a rest and trying something different. I finished the flash fiction I needed for Monday’s collection, but I knew I was in for the night when the clock struck 5pm. I still had a long way to go.

I went for a walk around the house, stood in the rain for a bit (bliss!), and had a cool drink. The poet wasn’t happy about that because on my travels I discovered that the conservatory roof was leaking. He banished me back into the office and told me to stop finding work for him to do. He did a temporary fix, but there wasn’t a lot he could do in the rain.

Then it was back to the desk for the next few hours. In between chapters I did other things, like an online jigsaw, or another walk around the house. I even published Monday’s Flash Fiction 3, as I was a bit behind on that one, and I did the marketing graphics for that.

I did indeed pull an all-nighter, finishing at 6:30am on Saturday morning… 🥱 😴

The weekend

We were both really tired all over the weekend. It shouldn’t be a surprise, really. The poet stayed up with me until around 4am before having to give in, and then he was working Saturday night, so we had another later finish.

Somewhere in between we squeezed in a shopping trip and a visit to the mother-in-law. But we were both shattered.


Monday was publication day and the start of the final countdown. Monday’s book was Book 50 of 54. That’s 50 books in 50 weeks so far, even when I was (a) on holiday; (b) in hospital; and (c) moving house. I’m quite proud of that achievement.

I slept in really badly again, after the poet went off at about 7:30am for a 3-day trip. When I got up it was almost 11am. I did some band admin for the poet, did some diary/planning work, and generally slobbed around for much of the day. Oh yes, and I also managed to write today’s blog post…


Today I need to do some work. I’m trying not to over-book myself, so I should make it. I have a book to carry on editing, Part 3 of the ghostwriting to do, and one short story to brainstorm.

Let’s hope I manage to wake up at a decent time…

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2 thoughts on “Diary of a Tiger: Tue 4 Oct 2022

  1. I’m so sick and tired that the only way to get customer service at this point is to shame the company on social media. Plus, all public utilities should be nonprofits. They only exist to provide a service, and shouldn’t be paying shareholders. Or, like they are in the states, raising rates 64%. It’s not like anyone’s wages are rising to match.

    1. They’ve reopened the lines since. The energy prices were all sky-rocketing on Saturday so we think they battened up the hatches for all the meter readings and switches. Nevertheless, it was terrible customer service. I wonder these days if anyone in the customer service business even knows the true meaning of the expression.

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