Diary of a Tiger: Fri 7 Oct 2022

Image by Jan Barkmann from Pixabay
Chapter 38: Friday 7 October

I was going to save the last 2-day diary post and add it to today’s and make this one a 3-day post, but in the end I posted that one for yesterday and this one for today. I think I was worried that one post might drag on and on when the blog would have otherwise been a bit empty this week.

If I can keep on top of this as I go along again, like I used to, then I might split them out into individual days again and only merge them when I have another topic to write about on a different day, such as the garden or a new publication, or other news.

It’s taken all week, but by Thursday, which is usually my tired day, I was starting to feel less tired again. The poet is a bit fluey at the moment, and I was a bit coldy at the weekend. So now I’m wondering if I had a touch of the flu as well. I don’t really get influenza as such, but I do get heavy colds.

Saying that, it still took me some time to get going.

I prepared the next book, Book 52, which is another collection of 5 short stories. This is the one where I faffed with the cover earlier in the week. I do like the new cover, and I hope readers do too. Ten Short Stories 21 – 30 will be out on Monday (Book 51), and Five Short Stories for Autumn (Book 52) will be out the following week.

That leaves just 2 books left. Yes, I’ve done the 52 books in 52 weeks already, but the gallery I’ve created for the final round-up works better as a 54-book grid (9 rows of 6 books), so the challenge is getting 2 bonus books. Other than that, I think I can safely announce…

Ahem! Yesterday I completed my publishing challenge of publishing 52 books in 52 weeks!

Wow! I mean, even I think that’s an achievement. Please hold my coat while I go and have a quick brag on social media…

Right, I’m back. (Did you see them?) 😁 😉 😇

So I did the marketing flyers for the next 2 books in Canva – one each for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – and I wrote and scheduled Monday’s publication day post. I would have done the following Monday’s post too, but there isn’t a book to link to yet.

The artwork arrived for The Two of Wands. Apparently it was created 9 months ago. All he had to do was put a border around it so it looks like a playing card. That means I can make the cover for that story now, whichever version I end up going with.

Then he went off to band practice and I, for the first time in I don’t know how long, did a shopping list and went and got the week’s shopping. This will free us up for the weekend.


Today, then, I really must get a move on with the ghostwriting. It’s due in next Tuesday and I don’t want another ghoster.

We were going to the NEC on Sunday for Grand Designs Live, but the tickets I won were for weekdays only, which is neither use nor ornament for anyone who works full-time in the first place, let alone then has to drive 100 miles to get there. 

The poet has a gig tonight in Doncaster, but then that’s us free for the entire weekend.

Have a good one!

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