Writing Prompts: 23 March 2022

Image by Fabio Grandis from Pixabay

Wednesday Writing Prompts are back, but renamed simply Writing Prompts. This is so I don’t feel obliged to do one every week, especially when I’m snowed under doing other, paying work.

Six months away
Personally, I try to work roughly 6 months ahead because the majority of my writing markets are quick to take work from me and publish it. Many markets, however, already have their content planned for up to a year.

Quicker writers than me will also be able to churn out an entire book — or more than one — in time to hit the market when the anniversary strikes. You will already know what kind of writer you are.

Do check these dates yourself before doing too much work. If I’ve already noticed any contradictions, I’ll mention them. But sources do go slightly awry on occasion.

What I’m working on in March
In March, I’m ‘thinking’ September, ‘writing’ August, and ‘submitting’ July.

At the moment, I’m catching up, so while I’ve selected four potential story themes for August, the following prompts are my ‘throwaways’ for that month.

Some of the following prompts appeared last year when I was offering prompts for 12 months away. There’s still plenty of time to write something for the faster markets if you can write it now.

These prompts can be applied to fiction or non-fiction, or even poetry.

Topical anniversaries in August 2022

August in general

August is the height of summer in the UK. Food festivals, music festivals and well dressings are still underway. And Morris dancers are still turning up wherever they like

Multi-day UK events, August 2022
22 July – 2 October: Buckingham Palace State Rooms open to the public
30 July – 6 August: Cowes Week
4 – 7 August: Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire
12 & 13 August: Shrewsbury Flower Show

1 August
Evergreen: Lammastide

Evergreen: Yorkshire Day

4 August
60 years ago, on 4 August 1962, Nelson Mandela was captured by South African police.

20 years ago, on 4 August 2002, the Soham murders took place.

5 August
Evergreen: Oyster Day

60 years ago, on 5 August 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead of a suspected overdose, aged 36.

50 years ago, on 5 August 1972, The Moody Blues released Nights in White Satin.

8 August
Evergreen: International Cat Day

10 August
125 years ago, on 10 August 1897, The Automobile Club of Great Britain, now the Royal Automobile Club (RAC), was established.

11 August
Evergreen: Old Lammas Eve

125 years ago, on 11 August 1897, Enid Blyton was born in London.

12 August
Evergreen: The Glorious Twelfth (grouse shooting begins in Britain).

14 August
Evergreen: Falklands Day

19 August
125 years ago, on 19 August 1897, the first electric taxis drove in London.

23 August
15 years ago, on 23 August 2007, a hashtag was first used in a Tweet.

5 years ago, on 23 August 2017, the Atacama Desert in Chile bloomed. Next bloom is due 2022/2023.

28 August
75 years ago, on 28 August 1947, the bullfighter Manolete, aged 30, was killed by a bull.

30 August
5 years ago, on 30 August 2017, the late Terry Pratchett’s unfinished works were destroyed by a steamroller, as per his wishes.

31 August
125 years ago, on 31 August 1897, Thomas Edison patented the kinetoscope, a device that produces moving pictures.

25 years ago, on 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash.

Over to you

I hope you find something of use. Please let me know if you do, and come back and let me know what you did with it/them and how you fared.

Good luck!