A lovely week off

(Image: The poet shooting High Force waterfall in Teesdale © Diane Wordsworth)


It was a bit of a mad rush in the end, but I submitted the last of my work a week ago last Friday. Okay, so it was really late. But it was gone by the time the weekend arrived.

On the Saturday, after a bit of a lie-in, we did the holiday shopping and on Saturday night the poet’s band had a gig.

On Sunday we travelled up to County Durham with the dog *and* the cat. And then we chilled for a week.

I think the only thing remotely work-like that I did was field an email from Hong Kong (his job was urgent so he gave it to someone else), and chase an invoice (which was paid immediately).

By the end of the week, however, the dog had picked up a nasty tummy bug so, because he was passing blood, as soon as we got home he went to see the out of hours vet, who diagnosed gastroenteritis.

Yesterday afternoon the poet started to extract the photographs from his camera into his developing suite. Hopefully I’ll have a few to share during the coming week. The one above is one of mine, taken on the phone.

And after a full and proper week off the diet, I only put on half a pound!

Monday 6 September 2021

We went back to the vet this morning, and he’s been given the go ahead to go back onto his usual diet from tomorrow, but he’s on antibiotics for a week. Fingers crossed there’s nothing serious going on there.

The vet took a chunk out of my first day back at work and the only thing I was able to do before we went out was update the diary for the coming week. So my first day back at work started after I’d had some dinner (salad for me, pasta for the dog).

I have Part 4 of ghostwriting (1) Book 6 to write and submit by next Monday, when ghostwriting (2) job starts (and I’m also expecting Book 7 from ghostwriting client #1). And I have the proofreading to finish for the Yorkshire client.

From this week I want to start writing my short stories at a rate of at least one per week. Some of these will go off to the ever-decreasing magazine markets, some will go to competitions, and some will be published in my own publications.

I’ve taken all of my Kindle books and stories out of Kindle Select now. Not one has earnt any money by being in Kindle Select, so I don’t see why they should remain exclusive. When the current 90 days run out, they won’t be renewed.

Today, however, I’m concentrating on planning and proofreading.