Welcome to new followers

Image by R. E. Beck from Pixabay

First of all, a very warm welcome to Words Worth Writing to all of the recent new followers. Since we limped over the 1,000 followers mark, the number has been steadily increasing.

I’ve been working on republishing all of my self-published books in paperback, and I’m still mulling over a competition where the prize is all of my paperback books, self-published and traditionally published. This competition is for all of you lovely followers.

Monday this week started with me following the poet to the garage to drop off his car for an MOT.

When we got back, my first job was responding to comments on my Medium stories since two new ones were published on Sunday morning. Then I finished Monday’s blog post and started this one.

I did the diary for the week ahead, and transferred the deadlines for the week over to my Asana projects.

The plan for the day was originally to write the first 3 chapters of ghostwriting gig Book 6, but as the day was going to be split with the MOT run, I decided to aim for just 2.

I’d already split the outline into 40 chapters + epilogue + bonus short story and loaded it onto Scrivener. Now I had to transfer those chapter breakdowns into each of the chapter folders in the Scrivener template, which I created myself to suit these ghostwriting jobs.

I was about to add the details to each chapter in Scrivener when we got the call that the poet’s car was ready. So we went and got that so that I could work for a longer stint, uninterrupted, when we got back.

However, it was so late by the time that we did get back that all I did was the Scrivener work and remind myself of the storyline. Not wishing to waste the entire day, though, I went in and updated Project Management for Writers: Gate 1, which has some of the poet’s input now.

I didn’t realise how far forward I was with this. I was going to start serialising it on Medium next week. But as it’s almost finished… well, I started it yesterday instead.

I’m going to publish it on weekdays only, so the first five instalments will be this week. When the serialisation is complete, I’ll publish it as an ebook.

You can read the first instalment, the introduction, of Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 here first.

Here’s how Monday went:

  • followed poet to garage
  • responded to messages on Medium
  • finished Monday’s blog post (783 words)
  • diary work
  • transferred deadlines to Asana projects
  • took poet back to garage
  • updated Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 so far (545 words)
  • published Introduction of Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 on Medium
  • shared links for the Medium story on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • added the new story on Medium to the master index
  • wrote today’s blog post (487 words)

Words written today = 1,815

Today… I MUST do the ghostwriting.