Wednesday writing prompts

Image by Barbara Dougherty from Pixabay

I’m a bit flat out this week, so I only have the prompts for you with just a few suggestions.

1st expedition to the South Pole

One hundred and fifty years ago next year, on 16 July 1872, Norwegian Roald Amundsen led the first expedition to the South Pole.

  1. What can you find out about Amundsen? What else did he do? Where did he live? Where was he born? Where did he die? Can you peg an article or story onto any of those places?
  2. Can you write about five famous explorers? Or exploration disasters? Or exploration successes?
  3. What else is Norway famous for? Can you research or write an article or a story set on the fjords?
  4. Contrary to popular belief, penguins don’t actually live in the South Pole, or Antarctica. They’re coastal dwellers, apparently. Nevertheless, it was still another good excuse to share a picture of penguins. What kind of wildlife does live in the South Pole?
A female doctor?

Five years ago next year, on 16 July 2017, the BBC announced its first ever female Dr Who.

  1. What do we know about Jodie Whittaker? What else has she been in? Where was she born? Where does she live?
  2. This is an opportunity for fans to write about all of the doctors so far.
  3. What do you think of having a female Dr Who? Write a rant or a rave to one of the telly magazines or websites.
  4. Whittaker’s contract comes to an end soon. Who will be the 14th doctor? Do we know yet? If we do, you could write about them. If we don’t, you could speculate.
First female FBI agents

Keeping with the female theme, fifty years ago next year, on 17 July 1972, the first two female FBI agents began training at Quantico.

  1. How about a potted history on the FBI?
  2. Write a piece of fiction featuring female FBI agents.
  3. What about a broader story on government agents around the world?
  4. What else is Quantico known for? What else is Virginia famous for?
Over to you…

… and don’t forget to come back and let me know if and what you did, and how it fared.