I published another paperback!

It took the best part of a week, but with the help of the support team at Draft2Digital, I finally published the second paperback in the Twee Tales series. Twee Tales Too is now available on Amazon.

I also created a mock-up in Photopea for today’s post illustration, and I saved the featured images for the next three plan/wrap-up posts.


Before I landed at my desk, however, I finished the current book I’m reading for NetGalley. That was one of the posts I ended up scheduling to post in advance.

The next job was to start on this blog post, and then I went off to publish my Medium chapters and schedule the others for publication over the weekend.

Meanwhile, confirmation came through from Greece that the 6th book contract will start on Monday. So it’s official. I will be writing two books for him at the same time from next week. [gulp!]

I had another bit of a faff in a bid to try and tidy up all of my ongoing projects so that I can see at a glance where I’m at with each of them. I have a massive schedule for publishing, starting first either here or on Medium, and I needed to gather it all together.

Enter the glimmer/glow spreadsheet. It’s an idea I nicked a long time ago, but I couldn’t find it anywhere – in any of my own backups or anywhere on the internet. So I created a new one.

Late on Friday evening, I received an email from the Asana post, and I had a bit of a brain murmur. I cut out the relevant part, tweaked it a bit, and pasted it into Medium and, voila! Another story on there. And from the phone no less.

Here’s how Friday went:

  • moved Reedsy emails to ‘study’ folder (day 5 of 10)
  • finished reading current NetGalley book
  • published Twee Tales Too in paperback (Yay!)
  • started marketing work for Twee Tales Too
  • created new project in Asana for paperback publication of Twee Tales Twee
  • created new project in Asana for ghostwriting gig #6
  • published Chapter 30 of Diary of a Scaredy Cat on Medium
  • had a faff around, creating a glimmer/glow spreadsheet¹
  • published Chapter 31 of Night Crawler on Medium
  • shared links for the Medium stories on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • made the link for Night Crawler free to Facebook friends
  • added the new stories on Medium to the master index
  • started today’s blog post (276 words)
  • published story on Asana to Medium (cut from blog post)

Words written today = 276

¹I’ll probably do a blog post about this in the future.


The poet was up bright and early and off fishing before I even stirred on Saturday. I had plenty of work to do, which was why he decided to go fishing. He had hoped the nice weather might hang around, but it was raining when he went.

I started the day by titivating and synchronising my glimmer/glow spreadsheet with my Asana project management. While I was doing that, my brain was invaded by what seemed like a million new ideas. I captured some of them and jotted them down.

I was just reading through Chapter 31 of Diary of a Scaredy Cat for Medium, when I had another brain murmur. And I added ‘calls for submissions’ to the glimmer/glow.

I’d seen that one of the pocket novel editors was scratching around for submissions, so as I have a draft of one story already finished that is the right length, I moved that one up my priority list. I’ll let that percolate for a day or so. Unless I get the urge to look at it sooner.

The new contract arrived for ghostwriting gig #6, so I accepted that and responded to some messages. This one and gig #5 are for 83,500 words, instead of 63,500 words, including the bonus short story and the blurb. And they both run for an extra fortnight.

Once I’d finished faffing, I published two more chapters to Medium. These two books will be finished on Monday, so I’ll need ideas for new content from then. It’s a good job I’ve been having loads of ideas!

As I was sharing the Medium links to Facebook, I noticed that someone else had used a mock-up similar to mine to advertise her new ebook. So I had to go and make another one for mine.

I wrote up the review for the next NetGalley book, added it to both the glimmer/glow and the Asana project, and posted it. A rare Saturday post from me.

Just as the poet was on his way home from fishing, I finally opened up my Scrivener file and started work on ghostwriting gig #5. I selected pictures for three of my main characters and sat there gazing at them for a while, while I started to rev up.

I wrote about 400 words before breaking off to write the June wrap-up post. I thought if I got that one and this one out of the way, then I’d have a clearer path with the ghostwriting. A rare Sunday post with this one. By 7pm, I’d written just under half a chapter and I called it a day.

Here’s how Saturday went:

  • moved Reedsy emails to ‘study’ folder (day 6 of 10)
  • updated glimmer/glow and synchronised with Asana
  • made some project templates in Asana
  • created several new projects in Asana
  • accepted contract for ghostwriting gig #6
  • published Chapter 31 of Diary of a Scaredy Cat on Medium
  • published Chapter 32 of Night Crawler on Medium
  • shared links for the Medium stories on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • made the link for Night Crawler free to Facebook friends
  • added the new stories on Medium to the master index
  • reviewed Looking for the Durrells and posted everywhere (307 words)
  • wrote and scheduled June wrap-up post (699 words)
  • wrote half a chapter for ghostwriting gig #5 (956 words)
  • finished today’s blog post (727 words)

Words written today = 2,689

I gave myself Sunday off. This week I need to be more disciplined and stop skitting about all over the place. I also start the next book for NetGalley.