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A packed schedule

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay) I ended up working at the weekend again. I’d like to say that once I knew the poet was going fishing, then I saved my work for…

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Going fishing

(Image by Angela Huang from Pixabay) Thursday 12 August 2021 Thursday disappeared down another rabbit hole and I didn’t get a lot done, quite frankly. In fact, I don’t think…

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I published another paperback!

It took the best part of a week, but with the help of the support team at Draft2Digital, I finally published the second paperback in the Twee Tales series. Twee Tales…

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Tier 3 lockdown

Here is another image from our walk around Hatfield Moor last week. I love that blue glow on the water. It makes it look like some kind of grotto, or…

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New Year, New Start

Welcome to a shiny new year. What are your plans for the coming months? We had a decent, relaxing holiday, with a very busy first half and a very lazy…

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Why I read books about writing

Lots of writers advise other writers to stop reading books on writing and just crack on with the writing. But I love to read books on writing. I love to…