The week so far

This is how my Scrivener binder for the project management series was looking when I started work on it on Tuesday.


I had a lot to do on Tuesday, so while the intention was to write at least a chapter, I only managed part of Chapter 4. In fact, I wrote 843 new words. And I updated the binder …

My next job on Tuesday was to carry on planning The Beast Within. I’ve discovered from my ghostwriting that I can write quite quickly once I have a detailed plan in front of me. So that’s what I’ve been working on.

I briefly outlined four chapters (19, 20, 39 & 40), and I decided on where the five subplots will all be tied up.

Over dinner, I had a quick whizz through the competitions. Immediately after dinner, I printed off the two new editing jobs. One was a magazine, the other was a non-fiction book. I sent an email off to the author of the book to introduce myself.

I cleared the magazine job and sent it back to the client. Then, during a communication with another client regarding the next job, I asked for, and was given, a pay rise. Result!


I’m trying to get up earlier, have my breakfast earlier, and be at my desk earlier. So far this week, I’ve made it to my desk by around 10am each day.

Before I got there on Wednesday, I checked my emails, caught up with Twitter, quickly scanned the jobs board, did a banking, collected my ‘cuppas’ (thank you!), and I queried a publisher regarding submitting the new Marcie Craig trilogy and Catch the Rainbow.

The next job was Project Management for Writers, Book 1, for which I wrote just over 1,000 new words.

The publisher I queried asked to see Night Crawler, and they wanted to know how far along I am with The Beast Within. So I paused in the scheduled work to send them what they asked for.

I currently have two publishers now considering republishing Night Crawler.

The last job I had time to do before dinner was the detailed outline for The Beast Within. Chapters 1 to 20 are now planned out along with chapters 35 to 40. I just have the toughest bit to finish now, the bit in the middle, or sequences 5, 6 and 7. This is all of Act 2 Part 2 and the first half of Act 3.

The afternoon was spent on client work and on fielding (socially distanced) callers to the house.