Moving back to KDP – for now

As we inch ever-closer to the 1,000 followers mark, so too do we get closer to the competition to win a bumper pack of all of my published paperbacks, including the two books from Pen & Sword. Oh yes, and chocolate …

This means that, alongside everything else that I do, I’ve been checking that all the paperbacks are there. And if they’re not there, I’m publishing them.

I self-publish everything I produce myself on either Draft2Digital or Lulu, apart from the three short stories in the image above. D2D is for ebooks and paperbacks; Lulu is for hardbacks. I’ve not got as far as audio books yet.

In order to publish my Kindle and ebooks on D2D, I have to declare that they’re not already published on Amazon. But in the past few days, I’ve found out two things:

  1. Some of my ebooks are still being published on Kindle Direct Publishing, when I removed them a LONG time ago.
  2. The paperbacks that have been originated on D2D are not available to buy on Amazon UK.

Obviously, I must sort out no 1 as soon as possible, and I will do. However, I have checked no 2 with Amazon’s Author Central, and they say that there is no reason why they wouldn’t stock paperbacks published on D2D and that I needed to contact D2D.

I checked with D2D and, at first, they said that all of my paperback books are live on Amazon … but when they delved deeper, they discovered that their distribution licence doesn’t cover them for Amazon in Europe. The ebooks are there, but not the paperbacks.

I’ve not had a lot of time of late to follow this up, but as I say, I’ve forced myself to find the time over the past few days because, I mean, we are at 966 followers already, and that’s only 34 away from the magic 1,000-mark.

I can’t afford for these books to be lying around earning nothing. So, after a great deal of navel gazing (I do hate to keep all of my eggs in one basket), I’ve decided to move everything back to Amazon, at least for the time being, and take it from there. And I’ll enrol the ebooks into Kindle Select while I continue to think about it.

As already mentioned, I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, and that means I have to do this gradually. For now, the only three stories that are exclusive to Amazon are the three short stories, which are also included in Twee Tales for anyone who already has that anthology.

If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, please consider bobbing along and downloading one of these stories from my Amazon author page. It won’t cost you anything extra, but it will help me decide the future of my books. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

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