Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay

Yesterday we awoke to a beautiful frosty day.

When I got up to let the dog out first thing, I glanced out across the fields at the back of our house to see a ground-hugging mist. By the time we made it to the breakfast table, the mist had lifted and the fields were white over.

I could see someone walking their dog and I actually thought to myself, we should be walking the dog there now. However, a nice cup of tea soon brought me back to my senses.

The poet had a video meeting first thing … well, at 10am, and as he needed to be at his desk and prepared by then, we decided to go on our dog walk at dinner time again.

Just as I arrived at my own desk to start work proper (he was in the middle of his conference call), the internet crashed. And looking on the village page on Facebook, so did everyone else’s.


The internet wasn’t down for too long, but the router did need re-setting and the computer did need re-booting. And by now we were past my warm-up hour and well into my ghostwriting segment.

I was really pleased with the work done by the end of the previous day, and reading it aloud to the poet and the dog confirmed that it was another fair work. So I was ready to go again by Thursday morning.

I had a steady session, before being interrupted by dinner time. Then I finished Chapter 2 and we took the dog for his walk.

I wrote 2,306 words, so was very happy with that.


When we got back from the dog walk we decided to go and get the weekly shopping. It was just turning to dusk and many of the village peacocks were on their way ‘home’.

Most of them roost in the trees on the green in the middle of the village. However, we’ve also been told that at least one of the villagers has pens in her garden that the peacocks use.

We’ve seen a few stories about supermarket shelves being emptied. But, to be honest, the only shelves we saw empty were those that still had Christmas on them last week.


When we got home, we put the shopping away and I finshed some proofreading work.

The plan was to complete at least one chapter before stopping for tea. I managed two, or 16 pages.

Today’s plan

More of the same today, without the trip to the supermarket.

Have a great weekend!