Monday went by in a bit of a whirl.

In case you didn’t notice, my book The Life of Richard Cadbury was finally published. There then followed a frenzy of marketing activity that mostly consisted of creating flyers and mockups in Canva and Photopea respectively.

Then I went through Facebook, Twitter and MeWe and added links and images to all the groups and pages I belong to on those. I also made sure to respond to every single person who wished me well or shared my posts.

While I was at it, I had a play with the theme and colours for the blog and I decided to remove all of the featured images. The images look really nice on mobile devices, I think. But they look very messy on the desktop. I changed the colour and the header to suit the image I used on the Publication Day post

I shared an RNA post announcing the latest new releases from their members, and I tidied up my Trello board, removing completed projects and updating my NetGalley board.

I’ve been awarded quite a lot of books to review on NetGalley and I’ve fallen a long way behind. So I quickly dashed off a review for a book I’d finished but not reviewed and I downloaded all of the new ones to my Kindle PaperWhite.

I checked the India client for work, but there wasn’t any. I checked the job boards for work, but there was nothing I fancied. I quickly went through some competitions. And I created some long overdue change of address notifications that need to go out soon.

When I eventually paused for breath, I wrote The Beast Within, but I only managed 569 words. Then I sat down and finished a book I was in the middle of reading for NetGalley.

On Tuesday, I wished a couple of friends a happy publication day and shared their posts. I wrote up the review for the book I’d finished the night before and shared that all over the place. And then I updated my Trello board. 

I did a bit more marketing work for The Life of Richard Cadbury, and I shared a Crime Writers’ Association post announcing the latest new releases from their members. I also started the new month threads for the Seriously Serious Scribes on Facebook.

I checked the India client for work, but there wasn’t any. I checked the job boards for work, but there was nothing I fancied. And I quickly went through some more competitions. (Deja vu?)

I sat down a little earlier to write The Beast Within, and this time I managed 1,077 words. I’m still a bit behind, but I think I needed the warm up. 

And I started reading the next book for NetGalley. At the moment, I’m struggling with it …

So far today, I’ve done a bit more faffing online and I’ve checked the India client for work. (There isn’t any.) The Hong Kong client has sent me a quick heads-up about some work that should be arriving in the next day or so. Next, I’ll have a look at the job boards, and then maybe run through the competitions again.

This afternoon I want to write more for The Beast Within, but Catch the Rainbow seems to be poking its nose in. I think it’s because I’ve been discussing dual timelines and that’s given me some ideas.

However … I haven’t budgeted any time for Catch the Rainbow in the near future, and I really do want to get a chunk down for The Beast Within if I can.

Watch this space.