Book review: The Forgotten Gift

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The Forgotten Gift,  Kathleen McGurl
Thanks to NetGalley and to HQ Digital for an advance copy of this book. The Forgotten Gift by Kathleen McGurl is a dual timeline story.

While I did enjoy the two different timelines, I’m not sure that I like that they alternate. I’d much sooner have a bigger chunk set in each time, several times if necessary. But the constant flicking backwards and forwards interrupted the flow, for me.

Both storylines were too tenuously linked, but the Christmas gift at the end of the story satisfied me on that count.

I found myself to be far more interested in George’s story than in Cassie’s. There were no deep mysteries and a few too many coincidences. So while George’s story held more historical intrigue, Cassie’s story was a little pastoral for me. I also found myself guessing what little twists and turns there were very early on in the book.

During George’s story, I became confused with two doctors whose names began with the letter D, and I thought at first that there was a typo. And I found the main twist in this storyline too predictable – I guessed it right from the start.

Finally, I don’t know how the cover relates to either of the stories, but it is a nice cover. A lovely cover, in fact.

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    1. I usually like the dual timeline, but I do like them to be clearly defined and lumped together as much as possible rather than alternating chapters throughout. I suppose that means it’s not strictly 2 stories running alongside each other consecutively. Alternating chapters makes the work easier, I suppose.

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