Squeezing the work in

This morning I finally started the next book for NetGalley. Well, actually, I re-started it as I’d already read a couple of chapters and I wanted to refresh my memory.

The work came in from Hong Kong. The publisher has worked so hard to get this material to me this week rather than next week. He sent across 11 articles for his next magazine, which I saved and printed. I’m going to do those in between other jobs.

The other thing I finally did was check the new proofs for The Life of Richard Cadbury against the last lot to make sure that all amendments that time had been made.

They have, apart from three. But as they’ve all been made consistently the same now, I’m going to leave those ones as is. When I do the full read-through I’ll have to ensure that all instances have been consistent too.

I had a couple of hours doing admin work for Diane’s Gig List. With outdoor and indoor gigs starting to go ahead again now, I asked our bands to let us know of any gigs they’ve already got booked in, and I added this morning’s additions to the main gig list. There aren’t many on there yet, but it’s a start.

I’ve asked that there be no judgmental comments posting too.

I have friends and bandmates who are anti-mask and total conspiracy theorists who are bullying people for being “sheeple” and doing as the government is asking them to. And I have friends and bandmates who feel very strongly that the lockdown easing is too soon and we should all just stay indoors.

I’m hoping they’ll all play nicely and keep their own personal opinions to themselves.

So far, so good.

Then I had an errand to run for the house-move and I took the dog with me for a ride. As I walked back in through the front door, my phone was ringing to confirm safe receipt of what I’d dropped in.

Actually, it took me a while to find the phone. I could hear it ringing behind me, but every time I went into that room the ringing came from behind me again. So while I was spinning around like Norman Wisdom looking for Mr Grimsdale, my phone was actually sitting ignored in the back pocket of my jeans. Oh dear. adult smileys

Obviously it was time to call it a day …