Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 20 (last day)

With me finishing the revisions of Twee Tales Too on Wednesday, I already had an extra hour today. Then when I checked in to the content-editing workroom, there was no work, so that was another extra hour today. I hoped that would be enough to finish today’s work.

First of all I had the last 3,106 words to write for this month’s instalment of Catch the Rainbow. Then I had about 90 pages to finish proofreading for a client.

I went out and collected some more sweet peas from Mister I-Hate-Gardening’s garden to replace the ones on my desk that have wilted. It’s been lovely being able to smell them while I work.

There is one problem now, though, caused by (a) the lovely warm weather today, and (b) living on the edge of a (current) potato field. I’m now sat at my desk flicking tiny black or green flies off my neck, off my t-shirt, off my shorts, off my legs, off my desk … I wouldn’t mind, but I even gave the flowers a good shake.

I did a lot of the usual admin stuff, made my cup of tea, set my timers, and knuckled down for the rest of the morning.

The words were very slow coming today and my typing was clumsy. But for my first session, I eventually wrote 2,059 words, leaving 1,047 to go. Some of the time had been spent checking things like when BSA made their Bantam motorbikes or which roads lead to the Alcester Road in Birmingham.

I had another full Pomodoro break and was straight back at it.

The words were stickier than ever, but I still managed 1,387 words, bringing my grand total to … (drumroll …) 43,120! Yay!

Unfortunately, the Camp NaNo update page was also stuck, so I had to wait for my badge. And when it still didn’t appear, I had to go in and tweak my entire project as the little tent icon, for Camp NaNoWriMo July 2020, had disappeared.

Meanwhile, my little man was looking very pleased with himself. (Keep scrolling after him!)

word meter from Writertopia

Anyway, I got there in the end … as you should be able to see by now. 😇

Here is what my writing planner looked like by the end of Camp NaNo:

There are 2 projects on there, one for writing and one for revisions. They’re both at 100%. This is very good on the last day of the month.

I had a very late dinner at my desk (having spent valuable time trying to get the NaNo update page to work), but then I carried on with my client work. It was nice to go into the weekend with a clear conscience.

Have a great weekend! I know I will.