Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 9

After a weekend that didn’t feel like a weekend, I was hardly raring to go yesterday morning and I was later to my desk than I would have preferred. It wasn’t so bad, though. My Monday morning check-in didn’t have any work for me, so there was an hour saved.

Before I started writing, I checked the job board and deleted all new jobs since the last time I looked. Most of them were too cheap anyway, but the ones that offered a decent whack I simply don’t have time for just now. And anyway, I’m part of an editing agency these days and there’s a massive pile of work stacking up there should I need it.

Then I went through and did the rest of my admin work before making my now ritualistic cup of tea and stretching my fingers, getting ready to start typing.

Before I did start, though, the first thing I did was create a sample folder with a sample text file inside it on Scrivener. This only had a handful of words and I wanted to see if my “words written this session” was more accurate by copying these elements instead of duplicating existing elements that already had a chunk of text in them and then deleting that text.

Only then did I set my two timers – the one on NaNoWriMo and the one on Toggl – switch off all distractions (i.e. social media and webmail), and start work.

I had hoped I might sneak through the 20,000-word mark, but it was a difficult few scenes and I managed 1,824 words. And the Scrivener statistics were a lot closer this time. Plus, my typing speed went up to a whopping 22 words per minute! I’m getting better.

After dinner, I was back on with the client whose previous job I finished by 4pm on Friday. The next job was already waiting for me when I switched on.

word meter from Writertopia