Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 8

I didn’t get a lot of my own work done on Friday. In fact, I didn’t get any of my own work done on Friday. I was finishing a client edit that needed to be back by teatime as I didn’t want to be working on it until 11 o’clock on a Friday night. So as soon as I was up and at my desk. I got on with that.

I totally forgot that I was supposed to be content editing for another client first thing, and I didn’t finish in time for me to do any writing. I did, however, finish by 4pm, and I knocked off early. But as a token of his appreciation, the client gave me an additional bonus on top of my wages, which was very generous of him.

It had been a long, hard week with a couple of late nights, and the plan was to try and catch up on Saturday. But Saturday was shopping day, and we had our last shop to buy for the MiL too.

We had a picnic outside the supermarket, but just as we pulled up at the MiL’s, our phones started to go. The burglar alarm was going off at home, so we didn’t have time to stop.

By the time we got home, fortunately, it must have just been a bird that flew into the window. We have a sparrowhawk and quite a few of the birds fly into the window when the hawk’s buzzing them. We’ve picked a few up before any of the neighbourhood cats got to them (including our own), and those that were just stunned flew away. I think we’ve only had two that didn’t fly away … 😕

We put the shopping away, and then we recorded the third and final Monkey Dust lockdown video for the band’s followers. Then I remembered the content editing job I should have done Friday morning, so I nipped into the office and got that one done. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes.

By the time all of that was done, I didn’t feel like staying at my desk for another hour and writing.

So I did it on Sunday instead.

And I’m glad I waited because several brain murmurs occurred to me in between Thursday’s writing session and Sunday’s writing session, and I think I now have a nice, rounded storyline. All I need to do now is find a plausible reason for Marcie Craig and Woodstock to become involved.

Sunday was a nice day, dry without being overwhelmingly hot. I did a few washloads and changed the bed, and that kind of thing, while the poet cut two of the lawns and went and fiddled with the peas in the kitchen garden. You know, proper displacement stuff.

I didn’t want it to get too late again, so once we’d had something to eat, and I’d hung out another washload, I was at my desk and tapping away at this new bit of storyline.

I stopped writing less than an hour later because my Scrivener told me I’d written 1,957 words. The actual word-count for Sunday was, in fact, 1,527. So it must take into account other words I write but delete before finishing, such as when I duplicate a text file within the Scrivener binder and then over-type it.

Anyway, because I’ve done so well so far, 1,527 words were enough as after 8 days, my minimum target at 1,860 words per day should be 14,880. And here I am with 17,491. That’s good enough for me.

Between finishing my writing work, and having tea, we uploaded the latest video from Monkey Dust to Facebook and YouTube, and then went for a drive as I was keen on a change of scenery, if only for an hour or so.

Today, I have the content editing job to check in with, the new edit for last Friday’s client, and another hour of writing.

word meter from Writertopia