Going forward

The last few months of the last year were very busy, one way or another, and I didn’t have time to catch my breath. We’re already into the third week of the new year (or the second full week), and this time I’m sticking to the plan as much as I can. I want to concentrate on just a few things while I get started.

First of all, I’m awarding myself stars. Gold stars for turning up and writing on a non-writing day; red stars for turning up and writing on a writing day. This is already working as a great motivation.

Secondly, I have carefully planned out a number of projects (10) for 2020.  (Follow the link for a reminder of these.)

The first of these 10 projects is the pocket novel (or novella), The Fool. This is the project I would really like to get cracking on before they move the (editorial requirement) goalposts yet again. It’s only 40,000 words. I can write 40,000 1st draft words in a month.

Thirdly, we’re hoping to revive the writers’ group. Because I stopped going, due to the amount of work I needed to get through, it seems the group didn’t meet. And now we’ve been advised that if we still don’t go, then it will be cancelled.

This afternoon, three of us (hopefully) will be meeting at the library to discuss the way forward. I have already said I can’t really commit to every week. I’ve also said Monday’s aren’t the best days for me. It’s my most productive day of the week (and then it’s all downhill from there, folks!), and I just get going when I have to stop, pack up and head out.

If we need to change the venue, the day of the week or the timing of the meeting, then so be it. We’ll probably also discuss what the meetings will be used for. I think I may suggest that we use it for feedback on current works in progress, but the other two may prefer them to be used for something else.

Number four on my list is to finish the alphabet adventures of Yorkshire by the end of the year. This isn’t necessarily to finish the actual book, but to finish the visits. We started this in February 2018 and certainly didn’t expect it to take three years to complete.

In order to meet this target, we need to carry out a second visit in January (L is for …). This is one of my 10 projects for the year.

Number five on the list is another of the 10 projects: to write 12 short stories in 12 months. For this I need to write or do something every working day. Or that’s the plan.

I’m using several planning tools to keep on top of everything, and my first port of call is Trello. I currently have 20 Trello boards, but I’m starting to merge some and delete some.

Last week the jacket of the Richard Cadbury book came in for proofreading, and I had a few loose ends to tie up for that book too. So that took up most of last week.

But now, it’s all systems go, full steam ahead … Or that’s the plan at least.