Tuesday 8 October 2019

The day began yesterday with a blog post, and then I was onto the client copywriting job. I located and printed off all the research notes I wanted, and collated everything together ready to go. I also started to jot down a few things.

Then the phone call came in that my deadline had been moved from next Wednesday to this Friday, and could I do that. Well, normally I’d say no as I’m working on the Cadbury book. But during my work yesterday, I realised the job had reduced by 2,000 words, making it a bit easier to manage.

Also, it’s a new client and a writing job. I’d like to do more for the client if I can, and I think I want to up my writing again and reduce the editing work. I’ve learnt a lot from editing other people’s materials, I do enjoy it and I will continue to do it. But I think I’d like to write more again.

I have my structure, I have my content, I have my word-count and I have my deadline. So yes, I can do it, if I could only remember how to start.

I used to be able to do this kind of thing in my sleep. Quite clearly I’m out of practice.

Yesterday afternoon I was off to the writers’ group, and I wasn’t the only one there this time. Also, I didn’t get diverted on a magical mystery tour of South Yorkshire on the way home either, despite some of last week’s diversion signs still up, and some where there weren’t any last time.

This morning I have the writers’ group report to write up and post and I have the client work to stare at for an hour or so until it clicks again. Or I may stare at the Cadbury work instead this morning, and then move onto client work this afternoon.

Either way, it’s a full and busy day. And I need to exercise that writing muscle. I used to be prolific at this sort of thing, you know.