Wednesday 2 October 2019

October suddenly got busier late yesterday afternoon. But it’s okay, I was half-expecting it.  It’s the new writing job I was in discussion about towards the end of last week. And it’s only 10,000 words max. I can do this …

Yesterday started with me writing up the day’s Pomodoros, as I hadn’t had chance to do them the day before. Then I wrote a 465-word blog post. And then I completed the screen edit for the Hong Kong client and sent that back. I also did some new month admin for our Facebook group, the Seriously Serious Scribes

The afternoon was supposed to be Richard Cadbury work, but at 12:30pm, I had an appointment at the house that took half an hour, and then at 2pm we had to leave and take the poet for a routine hospital appointment. We had to go early because of the flooded roads – we were going to have to go the long way around.

By the time we were ready to come back, even the long way around was very busy due to rush hour, so we did another detour. And I lost another afternoon.

After we got home, the email came in from London that the new client would be ready to go today. So I’ve rejigged my schedule to include an extra 10,000 words, bringing my target for October to 83,500 words (plus blog posts). I’ll do my own work in the mornings, and client work in the afternoons.

I can do 5,000 words a day, I know I can. Hey, I can write 1,000 words an hour. Especially non-fiction. I just have to replace my job-search and social media fix Pomodoros with writing Pomodoros and resist distraction. Fortunately, I now have the standalone laptop for focused writing.

And there are weekends too. I try not to work at the weekend, unless there’s a genuine emergency. But if ever I need them, they’re still there. 

The pocket novel will be on hold. I have one new scene to read out to the writers’ group next time someone else turns up, but I also have a collection of short stories to read out to them as well as a whole novel – Catch the Rainbow. If I need it, I have Mardi Gras as well, the first NaNoWriMo project I ever completed.

In down time, because there will be down time where I’ll need a breather, I’ll do the NaNoWriMo prep work on The Beast Within. That’s almost there now anyway, so should be quite relaxing. I also have a NetGalley book to read, also in down time.

If it were fiction I was writing, that would be more difficult. But non-fiction should be a walk in the park. Here, take my hand and walk with me … 😎

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