Tuesday 1 October 2019

October already. How did that happen? I have a deadline this month, and then it’s NaNoWriMo next month. Looks like I have some work to do and less faffing.

Yesterday morning I did the hard copy edit of the job from Hong Kong. I emailed the client to let him know, and to tell him I’ll do the screen edit today. He already replied and told me to send in my invoice.

In the afternoon I drove over to the writers’ group, but I was the only one there this week. I read two chapters of my current NetGalley book, and I did my social media catch-up. Then I came home 30 minutes early.

I had hoped to do some work when I got back, but the road I’d travelled on only two hours earlier was closed due to flooding. We hadn’t had any rain. This was flood water pushing in with the tides. We’re landlocked!

However, the poet tells me that in the (very) olden days, much of Doncaster was under water and they who can (in Lincolnshire, actually) brought in a Dutch man to help them with drainage. But this particular road over previous marshland is still often prone to flooding. There are big yellow gates at either end of this stretch, and I thought they were snow gates.  Perhaps they’re flood gates.

Anyway, there was no diversion and me, being a Brummie and only living in Doncaster for just over a year, didn’t know the best way to go. So I followed a silver van, and so did everyone behind me.

Well, this silver van took me on a magical mystery tour. But as I started to see road signs for places I recognised, the poet called me (on hands free), and I missed the silver van make a right turn … until I saw in my rear-view mirror everyone behind me also take this right turn. Oops.

The poet guided me the rest of the way, despite driving himself, and I arrived home minutes before he did.

Yes, I could have switched to Google Maps on my phone, and I would have done had I got completely lost and been able to park up first. But for as long as I was following the silver van I was fine.

I have a lot to do in October, so I’ve raised my daily word-count target to 5,000 words on Tuesdays to Fridays. Mondays I’m out in the afternoon and trying to do client work in the morning. So each Monday’s target is just 500 words. Obviously, I’ll also try to  fit more in when I can.

I have the screen edit to do for the Hong Kong client this morning, and the invoice to raise. And then it’s Richard Cadbury for the rest of the day.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 1 October 2019

  1. Sorry you were on your own today I will try and get there next week. The op went really well but I can’t drive for 2 weeks. See you soon xx

    1. Glad the op went well. I was thinking of you. 🙂 Only come along next week if you’re climbing the walls, though. I know you’ll be there as soon as you can drive again. xx

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