Thursday 3 October 2019

I was very pleased with my output yesterday, and I didn’t even need to switch over to the focused (i.e. not connected to the internet) laptop. 

The day started with my daily blog post, for which I wrote 459 words. Then I moved on to the Cadbury book. I only had the morning scheduled in for this as I was expecting a new client job. I managed to write a very respectable 2,411 words. Not quite my half-day target, but not bad for a first go.

As I’d worked well, I gave myself a whole hour dinner break, during which I had my 25 minutes social media fix. I also carried on reading the current NetGalley book.

By 2pm, the new job hadn’t arrived yet. But I wasn’t going to sit and twiddle my thumbs. Instead, I carried on with the Cadbury book … and was interrupted by someone at the door and several phone calls. And then I discovered Maps Online at British History Online … oh dear. I really had to drag myself away from that one.

The new job arrived at about 4:25pm, by which time it was too late to start anything. So I finished up my day’s work on the Cadbury book, writing 1,994 words in the end, bringing my daily total word-count to 4,864, slightly shy of my 5,000-word target.

I sorted out the new contract and wrote up today’s Pomodoros, but just as I was logging off I found I had a short story in this week’s My Weekly. I knew it was going in in October, but I didn’t know when in October. And I was delighted to see that the fiction editor kept my title: The Last Chick Fledges. It’s the coffee break read at the end of the magazine.

So, not a bad day all round.

This morning I’m back on with the Cadbury book. I’m expecting a phone call from the new client, and then hopefully this afternoon I’ll be able to crack on with that one.

At the moment our starving garden birds keep coming and looking at me through the windows and tapping on the glass. I’m feeling very guilty because I know their feeders need topping up. But it takes such a long time I’m going to have to do it in Pomodoro break shifts.