My legs are screaming

We finally caught up on “I is for …” yesterday, for the alphabet adventurers. It’s been a long time coming – 6 months since our last outing – and, boy, could we tell.

It was already a struggle getting up, as the poet’s band had a gig the previous evening, and that usually means a late night. We could have quite happily stayed in bed, catching up on missed sleep. However, we forced ourselves to get up, pack a picnic, and just do it.

We went to Ingleton, where we had a choice of visiting one of the caves or the waterfalls, and we chose the waterfalls, believing it to be the less strenuous of the two at only 4½ miles.

But it was blummin hard work, taking us around 3 hours just to reach the top, by which time I was so sick of going up I couldn’t even face an ice cream.

Even the way down had a few ups, and with one knee giving in fairly early on (there are a LOT of steps) and my left leg doing most of the work, both legs started to wobble and we had to stop to eat some Battenberg cake each for a sugar fix.

Aside from my own whinges and twinges – and the odd twinge for the poet too – we did a lot of stopping to take photographs, to film and re-film (we may do an out-takes vlog one day …), to change batteries or sort out technical issues … and to take off my thermal t-shirt while the poet shielded my modesty with my coat!

The walk should take between 2½ and 4 hours, and it took us the full 4.

The dog loved it. He walked his little legs off but ended up dragging me around the trail after him. He’s very sleepy today still, and my legs are screaming. But we did it and we don’t have to do it again, although the poet would like to as he wants to take a couple of specific photographs.

Over the course of the week, I’ll be writing up the blog post and the poet will be producing the video and editing the pictures so that, hopefully, we can post it all by the end of this coming weekend.

It meant I lost a day of writing, but I managed some on Saturday and some this morning.

This afternoon I continue with a client edit that has to be in by the end of Wednesday. This evening we may start on the blog, vlog and pictures for the alphabet adventurers.

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