Diary of a Novel: the sleuth

I didn’t get very much work done on the novel at the weekend as we did shopping and gardening on Saturday, the poet had a gig Saturday night, and we were out all day Sunday, walking.

Saying that, I did start work on the characters on Saturday morning, writing 85 words. This was mostly writing an alphabetic list and filling in character names to make sure I didn’t have too many starting with the same letter or sounding too similar. I think this is really important as it’s something I trip over in books I’m reading.

I was quite surprised, actually, that before I’ve even started the book proper I was still able to come up with 17 characters, including 3 exotic dancers, and 3 pets.

On Saturday I also started my sleuth working, jotting down my notes for Marcie Craig.

On Monday morning I continued with my sleuth work and was surprised – again – that I remembered so much about Marcie without having to look it up. I must know her quite well. The only thing I can’t remember is the colour of her eyes, but I have a feeling that they’re brown.

I even remembered her address, without having to look it up, and I wrote quite a lot of her history down in the new book bible without having to refer to earlier notes.

I wrote 245 words during this stint, bringing the running total to 1,461. I’m pleased with that considering I also had a blog post to write up as well.

Since then I’ve been busy editing a book and sitting on the phone waiting for someone to pick up to arrange an appointment. I’m going to be tied up with that for 2 days, and that has reduced the amount of work I’ve been able to accept that needs to be in by next Thursday, when we break up for 3+ weeks.

Saying that, it has also freed up some time for me to work on The Beast Within. I like to allocate at least a week to editing a client’s book – longer if it’s a lengthy tome. I can’t do that next week, allocate a whole week, and so I’ll have some time to work on the novel.

We have company coming tomorrow, and the poet has a gig tomorrow night. But I’ll still try and squeeze in what I can. I need to keep the momentum going.

I think I’ve done all I can for my sleuth work. Later today I start on the victim, and I’ll work on that for the next day or so.

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  1. Catching up. So glad The Beast Within is off to a good start. Hope the legs have stopped screaming! Maybe just a mild whimper now? xx

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