Taking it easy

(Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay)

After trying to fight the virus and carry on with work, I finally conceded and took a few days off to recuperate.

I haven’t been as poorly as the poet has, but I have been lethargic and lacking concentration, as well as feeling a bit fluey, even though I don’t usually catch the flu.

Today I noticed I had no sense of smell and last week my taste went a bit odd. But other than that… and a bit of a throat… okay then, and a bit of a cough, I just felt as though I’d been flattened by a really bad cold.

The poet’s isolation runs out mid-week. Mine runs out at the end of the weekend. Providing we’re not still having symptoms, I’m looking forward to getting out for some fresh air.

I’m going to be busy, as usual, this week, catching up with both ghostwriting gigs. But at least my own stuff is done and dusted for a few weeks.

I’ve decided that Words Worth Reading will come out every two months, rather than every month. I simply don’t have the capacity at the moment to write a brand-new novella and three brand-new short stories in a month.

This is just for Words Worth Reading. I missed writing two new short stories for magazines in September, although I did write a 500-words short story for a competition. I have another flash competition entry to write this month.

Don’t forget, I’m also republishing the short story back catalogue on a weekly basis as well as writing episodes for at least one series. And, of course, I have to keep on top of the novel-writing, otherwise Night Crawler will finish its serialisation and I’ll have nothing ready to replace it.

So I’m going to pace myself and give myself a little longer to complete a task. If I didn’t have the ghostwriting contracts, it would be easier. But I do have them, I enjoy them, and they earn me money.

With this in mind, I’m going to leave the plan for the month for October and see how I get on and what I manage to achieve. That, at least, might give me a better idea for November’s plan.