Friday 24 May 2024: Editing all day

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It was almost 10pm by the time the poet returned home from his 3-day business trip. He’d left the house first thing Monday morning, and he got back just before 10pm on Wednesday night. When he got home, after a 5.5 hour drive, he felt as though he was still driving. We stayed up late and binge-watched the last 4 episodes of the new REBUS, finally turning in at almost 1:30am.

When we watched the first 2 episodes of REBUS on Sunday night, I was continually shouting at the telly: ‘He’s already inside!’ ‘He’s a delinquent!’ ‘She’s dead!’ ‘She’s grown up!’ ‘They’re estranged!” etc, etc, etc. Then, in between, I found out that this was ‘young’ Rebus, which explained a lot. That made it much easier to watch the rest of the series.

They put so many other warnings up on television shows now, I don’t see why one of them can’t be ‘The events in this story happened xx years before the first book’, or words to that effect.

After a late night and my shingles leg waking me up at around 4am (not 3:30am this time – maybe because the poet was home), I had a half-hour lie-in Thursday morning. After a day of rain, it looked like another one, so I had to hang the washing up indoors and switch on the humidifier in ‘drying’ mode. I fed the birds, but didn’t need to top up their water.

I get paid for playing games on my mobile devices. It’s not a huge amount, but it needs I don’t have to pay for anything from Amazon or Google Play or anywhere else I choose gift cards for. One of my reward apps had a few new games on it, and 2 of them are games I like. So those have been added to the library. The other reward app doesn’t let you earn for playing games you’ve already played, but this one does. Cue, distraction.

Once at my desk, I started today’s blog post, and I shared the gig list on Facebook. Then I worked on only the editing for the rest of the day, on and off, with breaks between chapters. We have a holiday ahead and I don’t want this book hanging over me when we break up.

The poet had to host a podcast when he got home from work. I’d already finished for the day, so left him to it.

We have a long weekend ahead. Have a good one!

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  1. Enjoy the weekend. It would be nice if the weather would clear up again.

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