Thursday 23 May 2024: The bells

Image by Bernd from Pixabay

I had a much better night on Tuesday. I left all of the inside doors open in the house and kept a window open in the bedroom, so I could hear any noises properly. I did wake up at 3:30am again, but I went off straight away. Perhaps 3:30am is my time. Anyway, I don’t apologise for being spooked by noises in the night as a car was stolen from the village at 1:30am-ish, so I’m not imagining it.

It had been trying to rain for a couple of days but today we had flash floods forecast. The rain finally arrived at about 9pm on Tuesday evening, but even then it was still a fine drizzle. When I woke up at 3:30am, I could tell we were having a proper storm. It was still chucking it down when I got up and I fed the garden birds in the rain in my dressing gown, rather than just in my nightie.

The first job of the day was a quick hard-copy revision of THE HORBY BELLS, my contribution to this month’s 12 STORIES IN 12 MONTHS. I had 386 words to lose and I removed 293. Not bad for a first pass. I started my weekly tech scan off, and while that was running, I started today’s blog post. I opened up the short story file and transferred the first lot of edits to the screen.

In this second pass I lost enough words and posted the story to the website. I collected the prompt and the word-count for next time, but the deadline, which is only open for 24 hours, is the day we’re probably in Poland. I’ll have to write to the administrator and ask if I can submit it early. It’s only 1,200 words.

I started to carry on with the screen editing, but I got wind of a possible announcement from Downing Street regarding a General Election. So that, of course, meant I was distracted for the rest of the day with one eye on the news. The announcement finally came in after 5pm. General Election 4 July. That’s only 6 weeks away.

The poet called to let me know that the earliest he was likely to be home was 8pm, but his sat-nav in the car is rubbish, so neither of us held our breath. In the meantime, I went back to the editing. The rain stopped before he got home…and then it started again.

6 thoughts on “Thursday 23 May 2024: The bells

  1. Busy day! Sounds like a good one, though.

    I wish we could call elections, instead of being stuck into these cycles where, five minutes after elections, all the attention goes to getting re-elected.

    1. He should have called it months ago. A year ago. After the last change of leadership. His party may have been voted in, but he wasn’t, so he should have called it back then.

  2. 6 weeks of electioneering …probably most of us have already decided!

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