Monday 3 June 2024: May wrap-up

We took the last week of May off as a holiday, which means I didn’t do very much work. In fact, I didn’t do any. I’m not beating myself over that at all. It was a HOLIDAY. And I’m finally enjoying proper holidays without having to take work away with me, or even finishing it en route to wherever we’re going or before we start off.

This, of course, means I didn’t spend Friday writing up today’s post either. So for now, and to touch base, I’m just doing the wrap-up for May. Later this week, I’ll do a roundup of our first month of travels with Peggy.

May wrap-up

The month started well with our 9th wedding anniversary, which we celebrated as we always do. But then, sadly, it all went downhill when we lost our beloved Rufus. We kept ourselves busy, though, and we honoured our own plans of taking a couple of holidays. This helped take our mind off things, and stopped us moping around the house.

I didn’t settle down to many short stories as, early in the month, I changed the schedule to incorporate the undercover project, which turned into the Halloween cosy mystery novella. This took up most of my writing time every day as I did the pre-writing and planning.

Here, then, is how May went in the end:

  • wedding anniversary ✔️
  • May Day bank holiday weekend ✔️
  • new month wordcount & progress spreadsheets for May ✔️
  • Undercover Project ✔️
  • SHAMPOO, SET AND MATCH ❌ (moved)
  • THE MUCKY DUCK ❌ (moved)
  • THE ACE OF SWORDS ❌ (moved)
  • THE SHEEP SHEARER ❌ (moved)
  • FALLEN ANGEL ❌ (moved)
  • 12 STORIES IN 12 MONTHS ✔️
  • A GUY FOR PENNY ❌ (moved)
  • newsletter ❌ (moved)
  • client edit: Taliban book ✔️
  • (week) daily blog post ✔️
  • weekly tech scan ✔️
  • weekly backup ✔️
  • weekly diary work ✔️
  • Monkey Dust admin ✔️
  • Diane’s gig list admin every Thursday ✔️
  • hospital appointment (dermatology) ✔️
  • night out: The London Symphonic Rock Orchestra ✔️
  • dental appointment ✔️
  • Monkey Dust gig ✔️
  • take dog to vet ✔️ (though not for the reason we originally thought…)
  • monthly schedule planning for June ✔️
  • start work on annual tax return ❌ (moved)
  • advance finances for July ✔️
  • late spring bank holiday week ✔️
  • 2 trips in camper van ✔️


  • property inspection ✔️
  • cosy mystery novella study ✔️

How was your May?

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