Friday 14 June 2024: Re-subscribe

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Before reading any further, if you’re a subscriber to the blog (not the newsletter) and you’re not receiving your email notifications, I think you need to subscribe again. You can do this from the comment form, but you may have to leave a comment first, or you can do it from the ‘subscribe to blog’ widget in the sidebar.

On regular desktops and laptops, the sidebar is at the side of the blog. On mobile devices, it’s either at the bottom, or on some held landscape, it’s still at the side. I’ve even had to re-subscribe myself, but do let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll see what we can work out.

I started on my new schedule yesterday morning, using my writing workshops as a starting point. This took a few hours because of the number of workshops and video classes I included. Then I moved a few things around on my TickTick and I added in some holidays. I shared the gig list and I did my weekly tech scan.

A crow hopped along the edge of the garden that looked like it had something on its wing. By the time I picked up the binoculars, it had hopped all the way across the garden and gone. I went out to look for it, but I couldn’t see it. Back at my desk I was distracted again by our magpie family. All 4 of them were on the grass pecking at something and the 2 kids were squabbling over who was going to be spoon-fed by which parent.

Three of the magpies flew off, leaving one of them mooching around our strawberry pots. I thought it had dropped something between the pots, but when I went out to liberate whatever it had dropped, I saw it was actually a fresh strawberry! My 1st thought was that the strawberries had lasted well since last year. My 2nd thought was that they were early. My final thought was when it registered that this was this year’s crop!

We’ve had such a poor year, weather-wise, we’ve lost a complete season of strawberries! I left a couple on the wall so the poet could see his strawberries had fruited this year and went back to my desk.

I worked on KILLER QUEEN for the anthology that’s due at the end of the month, adding in a few hundred words to bring it up to the required minimum length. Then I had a look at the reports on my Draft2Digital account. I’ve had a lot of emails recently with fairly healthy royalty figures forecast. So I thought I go and have a look to see which book or books people are buying…


Hmm. Not GATE 2 and not the boxset, but GATE 1. How odd.

However… as I was working on my schedule, I decided to schedule in GATE 3. I’m not sure how having several writing projects on the go will work, but I used to do it with the ghostwriting, and I don’t have any editing at the moment. If I start it the week after we come back from Poland, I should have the book finished before we go on holiday in July, with only end matter to add in when we come home.

These books are easy writes for me. It’s the getting my finger out that’s the problem. The cover is already done, and it looks like there’s a market waiting for it.

I chose a story idea for this month’s 12 STORIES IN 12 MONTHS. I’m hoping I have wi-fi in Poland when it’s due. (We only have a 24-hour window.) If we don’t, I’ll just have to use my phone as a hotspot and suck up any extra cost. I’m sure I have data roaming in Europe now, but it’s whether or not Poland is on the green list with my provider. We’ll also have the poet’s phone, if we need another hotspot.

Tea was already on the go by now, so I closed up shop for the day.

Have a great weekend!

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