Thursday 13 June 2024: Starting a routine

eider duck on Inner Farne (© Ian Wordsworth)

Having identified no fixed routine as a possible problem when doing my work (or not doing it, as the case too often turns out), I started to make a plan. I used the WMG Publishing workshops as a starting point.

I have a teaching bundle on ‘writing with depth’ that consists of 7 different classes: 4 regular workshops, 1 classic workshop, and 2 pop-ups.

The regular workshops and the classic workshops all consist of 6 weeks’ worth of classes. But as we don’t have an assignment to turn in, I’ve allocated 1 day per weekly class. The weekly videos are less than an hour per week (or day), and that fits nicely in a pomodoro. I make notes as I watch. The pop-ups are only about an hour’s worth of videos each, so those have also been allocated a day.

I also have a teaching bundle on ‘advanced depth’, but I’ve not allocated any time to that yet. I want to see how the first bundle goes first.

I’m currently in the midst of writing a short story for a cozy anthology the publishers are producing. The deadline for that is this Sunday. So that was the next thing that went into my schedule. My next deadline is next Wednesday, for 12 STORIES IN 12 MONTHS, and that went into my schedule too. And I have a further anthology deadline of 30 June, which has also gone into the schedule.

I also added in our next trip plus a couple of weeks’ holidays, and that gave me my framework.

It’s not a lot, but it’s a start. And as I’m trying to catch up with blog posts again, that’s it for today.

Enjoy Ian’s bird pictures from the Farne Islands!

arctic tern on Inner Farne (© Ian Wordsworth) – this is the one that pecked him on the head!

5 thoughts on “Thursday 13 June 2024: Starting a routine

  1. Beautiful photos. I can understand that someone who is as organised and generally as disciplined as you, will feel adrift when no plans are in place. Although I no longer want a firm schedule of any kind, I do tend to plan my days. However that can collapse in a heap as other plans (not mine!) start to take precedence.

    1. It does feel weird, and I do feel a bit out of sorts. Other people’s plans can cause things to go awry. I try to build in space for that, but you can never properly forecast it, can you?

      1. Definitely not. As much as I try, the demands of family and other responsibilities get in the way and always have. You’ll soon find yourself in a routine and settled lifestyle. I have every faith!

  2. Maybe part of this transition is spontaneity, here and there? Finding the balance between the discipline of steady work and taking advantage of interesting opportunities without feeling guilty?

    1. Mm, I’ve been leaving spare blocks of time for the unexpected and if I get the urge to do something, and then work comes in and fills it, or an appointment, or something. And then I tell myself it’s a good job I allocated time to such surprises. It’s certainly a transition. No doubt I’ll get there.

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