Thursday 14 December 2023: Diva technology

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I had to step away from the time management/Pomodoro systems that aren’t working and do some work, but I was determined not to do anything else until I had at least finished the hard copy edit of the naval book. This even meant that my Substack chapter was late, and still is late. I am upset that I haven’t yet started the fallen angel trilogy, though.

Ignoring the advice of THE ORGANISED WRITER, I cleared some emails first, responding to those I could and parking those that would have to wait until the hard copy edit was finished. I also filled in a health questionnaire about my skin and sent some photographs. I started off a computer scan and then settled down to the last push on the hard copy edit. And I spent the rest of the day on that, doing odd jobs in between breaks.

One thing I did was remove Buffer from my WordPress plugins. They were very quick to add Mastodon to the channels they offer, but despite numerous requests to add Bluesky, that one still hasn’t been added. I only went in to remove Twitter, as I’m winding that down completely. Then I removed LinkedIn, and then I thought I may as well remove Facebook too.

Jetpack will look after Facebook autoposts (said she hopefully), as there are less than 30 in any one month. I’ll still have to manually share to Bluesky, but when I removed Buffer from my plugins and they asked me why, I made sure to tell them. They have a bit of a workaround for iOS users, completely ignoring the millions of android users there must be in the world. So I waved them cheery-bye and felt surprisingly better.

The tech scan got stuck at 83%, twice. So that was closed down as well. I really didn’t have either the time or the inclination to pander to diva technology. I worked with my Toggl Pomodoro all day and tried not to get annoyed that there’s no alarm at the end of either the Pomodoros or the breaks.

I copy edited 52 pages, but I have to finish the job this morning as tea was ready and it was already 7:30pm. Before finishing for the day, though, I did turn around some plates (pictures) that needed proofing for another book for the same client.

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    1. They’re taking far too long doing something many of their paid clients have been asking them to do since BlueSky became a thing.

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