Wednesday 1 November 2023: October wrap-up

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Oops, forgot to post this one yesterday I was so preoccupied with everything else that was going on.

Once all the usual social stuff was out of the way, the day began with an acknowledgement from the anthology editor for the short story I turned around the day before. I read a few blogs and posted replies, and I set the computer ready for the People’s Friend writing hour on X. I dug out my old notebook/switch and put it on charge in case I decide to take it to the hospital with me today.

Then I worked on a few things at once, starting with today’s blog post and the nasty edit in between joining in with writing hour. I also chose the images for the November posts and created those. I checked the date that my tax return is due in and was relieved to see that now I do it online, I have until 31 January 2024. This was such good news for me right now. I was able to remove it from my to-do list yesterday and defer it. Phew!

Writing hour over, I made a cup of tea, had another quick break, then was back on it again. Knowing I didn’t have to stop to do the tax return was a load off, but I couldn’t afford to get complacent.

I must say, though, that during this Very Busy Day, I had phone calls (when I hardly ever have any phone calls) from:

  • my car insurance broker
  • the hospital confirming my appointment
  • the conveyancers for the sale of Mom’s and Dad’s house
  • the same scammy phone number that calls us almost daily

And I was expecting a gas engineer to come and do a gas safety certificate. He arrived at about 2:40pm and was gone by 3:50pm, but his presence reminded me to have something to eat. Then it was back to work.

By around 4pm, it became apparent that the nasty edit might not be finished yesterday after all. I knew I wouldn’t be able to work on it through the night or today. So I had to send an apologetic email to the client. I was really disappointed. I wanted it off my desk probably as badly as she needed it on hers. But I can’t make time stretch and I find it’s usually best to keep the client in the loop.

We have Thursday booked off, but if I have to finish the nasty edit, then that’s what I’ll do. I can’t do it on Friday and I can’t do it today.

Today I’m at the hospital for that investigative procedure to find out why I got pancreatitis last year. I’m not being knocked out, but I will be heavily sedated. I have no idea if I’ll feel like doing anything at all either while I await discharge or when I get home. but I want to be prepared. So I’m taking my NaNo prep with me, which is longhand, and the notebook/switch, which has Scrivener on it. I’m also taking my Kindle.

It’s an hour’s drive from our house to the hospital and because they have to allow up to 4 hours for the sedative to wear off, the poet’s taking me, going home, going back, and taking me home. That’s 4 hours of driving. He does that when he’s coming home from trips to the south or other countries, but I think he was feeling a bit energetic when he first suggested it and now he might be having second thoughts.

That was the plan when I first started to write this. But we had a chat and he decided to stay with me in Leeds. They might not keep me in so long if they know he’s there to take me home.

I worked on the nasty edit until 7:30pm, then called it a day. Tea was ready and I had a bag to pack.

I’m not planning on doing anything in particular today, so anything I do end up doing will be a bonus.

October wrap-up

Here’s how October went:

  • monthly schedule planning for October ✔️
  • new month wordcount & progress spreadsheets for October ✔️
  • write the next short story for 12 Stories in 12 Months (I opted out of this, will start again in January)
  • weekly tech scan & backup ✔️
  • weekly diary work ✔️
  • attend PF Writing Hour on Twitter every Tuesday ✔️
  • brainstorm, outline and write A Winter’s Promise and send to market ✖️
  • brainstorm, outline and write A Midsummer Crime Dream and send to market ✔️
  • brainstorm, outline and write Tripping the Light Fantastic and send to market ✖️
  • revise The Old Annexe and send to market (carried over to December – November’s busy)
  • revise Take Your Pick and send to market (carried over to December – November’s busy)
  • finish the Vietnam book ✖️
  • start the naval book (moved to November)
  • Monkey Dust admin every Monday ✔️
  • Diane’s gig list admin every Monday and Thursday ✔️
  • continue typing Catch the Rainbow ✖️
  • continue writing Project Management for Writers: Gate 3 – How? (carried over to December – November’s busy)
  • continue planning The (new) Fool ✖️
  • continue planning The Beast Within (carried over to December – November’s busy)
  • autumn newsletter ✔️
  • finances for October ✔️
  • arrange optician appointments for us both ✔️
  • attend NaNoWriMo prep class ✔️
  • NaNoWriMo prep work (potentially The Mystery of Whitehorse Farm) ✔️


  • update ‘my books’ Trello board

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday 1 November 2023: October wrap-up

  1. You got a lot done this month!

    I hope the procedure goes well. If he’s there with you, it is likely they won’t keep you the full four hours.

    Best wishes!

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