Thursday 2 November 2023: I slept like a baby

Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay

The plan for November will be prepared just as soon as I’ve shifted that nasty edit. I just wanted to hit base and say thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes for yesterday.

I believe the procedure went well, despite one or two delays on the equipment/technology side, and I don’t believe they removed any samples, which I hope is a good sign. I was supposed to be awake throughout, but was so heavily sedated I likely wouldn’t remember any of it. (I remember every moment of it from the last time I had this done.)

But… I was so tired after so many disturbed nights on the trot that I slept all the way through it. I remember the poet collecting me, but I don’t remember getting to the car. I remember eating a sandwich in the car, but I don’t remember the drive home. And I remember coming home, thinking I felt great, and I’d crack on with the nasty edit after all just as soon as I’d had a lie down…

Five hours later I woke up. I’d slept like a baby.

I have a sore throat… Well, it feels more like a bruised throat. And I’m still a bit tired (no driving for 24 hours). But I’m glad it’s over and I’m feeling fine.

November plan will be up tomorrow at some point. Today, I need to focus on the nasty edit.

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