Monday 4 September 2023: Publication Day!

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After a solidly busy day on Friday doing all of my planning work for the month ahead and my wrap-up work for the month just gone, we also had a stupidly busy weekend.

I got through a lot on Friday. I brought all of August’s spreadsheets up to date and I created all of September’s spreadsheets. I decided on the three short stories I’ll be working on this month, and I worked out my weekly schedule to make sure I fit everything in. I don’t know yet if the romance ghosts writing workshop is going ahead, but if it does, then there are three more assignments to write for that.

The weekly tech scan and backup was done on Friday too, along with the diary for this week.

The day was cut short by an early tea as I had to drop the poet off at a gig and go and join him later. He made us a spaghetti bolognaise and we had blackberry crumble (made with blackberries from the garden) and ice cream for pudding.

Despite a very late night on Friday, we were up early to take the dog to the vet. He’s switched to having a monthly anti-inflammatory injection rather than the pills because the pills gave him a gastric ulcer.

Back home, I wrote up a meal plan for this week and a shopping list while the poet made bread and blackberry ice cream (made with blackberries from the garden…). Then we went out again to get the shopping, calling at the butcher’s on the way to the supermarket.

When we got home, we both had nanna naps because we were very tired from the night before. We were supposed to have gammon and eggs for tea, but the gammon was stowed in the freezer because we fancied, and had, a ploughman’s lunch for tea (cheese, ham, pickle, nice bread).

On Sunday we did a bit more running around to get a few things from the pet shop we didn’t have time to get on Saturday and when we got back, we both spent a little time in the garden. I picked blackberries and the poet picked elderberries. He made elderberry cordial, I made an apple and blackberry tray bake. The washing machine was on the go ALL DAY and the washing line and clothes horse were both full.

We had a roast chicken dinner followed by the last of last week’s blackberry crumble, this time served with the poet’s blackberry ice cream. We sampled the cordial too. He liked it a lot more than I did, but I think it’s okay in small doses. I also think I probably prefer elderflower cordial.

Publication Day

It’s publication day today for the first boxed set in the project management series. Box Set 1 consists of Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 – What? and Project Management for Writers: Gate 2 – Who/Where?

The introduction and the introduction to the Gates are currently the same in both books. I’m hoping Amazon doesn’t ban it because of that. When the Omnibus is ready, these will only appear once.

I’m still wondering at the moment whether Box Set 2 should be books 3 and 4 or if it should be books 1, 2 and 3. When all five books are ready, they’ll be re-released as a complete box set and the omnibus already mentioned. But I’m still thrashing out which books to put in the box sets.

Anyway, Box Set 1 is available NOW! You can find it here on my Books2Read page.

I’ve removed the subscription forms from the bottom of posts now. If anyone wants to subscribe, use the links in the side bar (at the bottom on mobile devices).

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  1. Bought Project Management….I’m sure it will give me the kick up the proverbial, and help along the way!

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