Wednesday 14 June 2023: I found a writing podcast

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I don’t know how I did it. I think a Twitter pal has been taking part in their 200-words-a-day challenge and I followed the link from there, tripped slightly, and fell down a rabbit hole… The challenge is three years old, now

I’ve been looking for a UK-based podcast for a while, and when I followed the link to their daily challenge I saw they have more than 400 podcasts, *and* they’re British, it was a no-brainer. I don’t have anything against non-British podcasts but, well, I’m a Brit and I like to listen to and watch other Brits who are successful.

Other podcasts I do listen to tend to be from Australia or the US. So it’s nice to listen to an English accent.

I managed to catch up with social media and emails and a few other news stories, but before I knew it, it was 11am and time for the People’s Friend Writing Hour on Twitter. This was one of the rare occasions I made it bang on time. I also listened to the first of the writing podcasts.

My blog The Secret Sugarholic is attracting some interest. I don’t know how. I’m not promoting it anywhere. But it’s good to know at any rate.

Some probate work came in that I acted on straight away. There’s no real mad rush, but we have six months to pay any inheritance tax that may be due, after which time we have to pay interest. And while we’re all pretty sure we’re well under the threshold, I’d like it confirmed sooner rather than later.

There were two more things they needed from me, which I provided (the second one after a phone call with my sister), and they have it all. Now it’s out of our hands and the only other thing they’re waiting on is someone else.

Back at my desk, I caught up with a couple of blogs. Then I listened to the next podcast while I did the diary for this week. I was so busy last week I didn’t get around to it, but it was all on ClickUp, so I still had that guidance. As I wrote up the diary, I also chose the next four online workshops I want to revise.

Over dinner, I read another chapter of the current NetGalley book. After dinner I revised another two chapters of Diary of a Pussycat and added in the exercises for both chapters, but in the process I only added 213 words. Current tally = 41,260 words.

Then I started to sift through Catch the Rainbow, But I got a bit carried away re-ordering the scenes and re-numbering them until I was happy with the chronology. Reading through it all I have to admit, I was a bit impressed. It finally seems to be coming together… Or the first act does at least. I added a few scenes too, adding 468 words. Current tally = 12,897 words.

I joined the 200 words a day challenge, confident that I’d be able to add something to a wordcount somewhere on a daily basis. Especially if it was only 200 words.

The day was almost over, but as the poet had come home and had to go out again because he forgot about a PAT-testing session before the band perform at a wedding next month, I had time to go through and choose a few calls for short story submissions through to the end of August. I want to plan and write these a lot further ahead than I have been to give them time to cool properly. So I deleted a few that were due in June and kept two that are due on 30 June in case I get a burst of inspiration.

Finally, I checked in with another of the online workshops I wanted to revise. But there were twelve videos and they were going to run too long for the time I had left. So I closed everything down and called it a day.

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