Thursday 8 June 2023: I’m so retro

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Here’s how the rest of yesterday panned out.

I put on my big girl pants, got in my own darned car, drove to a real, bricks-and-mortar bank, and paid in real money. Then I went to a real, bricks-and-mortar post office, and sent some real letters. How retro am I? I got home seconds before the poet.

I thought I might feel a bit idle and not do any more work. The cold was getting better but I still had a bit of a throat and a blocked nose and I only managed four biscuits and two cups of tea. I surprised myself by sitting down and just plodding through the list, doing what I thought might be quickest.

The first thing I did was Monkey Dust admin. The venue for the next gig had already created the event on Facebook and made Monkey Dust a co-host, so that saved me one job at least. I still had to do the three posters. One regular poster for venues to print off and display if they wish, one for Instagram, and one for Facebook. Then I added the poster to the event and shared the FB poster to FB, and I went through and invited a few people.

I started today’s blog post, and I started the electronic edit for the Taliban book. (Yay!) Then I quickly rattled off the secret sugarholic blog. You can see that one here. I’d already started this week’s garden blog post, so I finished that too. It wasn’t very long and it will be up on the garden blog at 9am today.

Finally, I caught up on a few more online workshops. I should be back on track by the end of next week with these.

Here’s how I did in the end:

    • probate ✔️
    • secret sugarholic blog post ✔️
    • new month spreadsheets (DEFERRED THIS MONTH)
    • Diary of a Pussycat revisions (DEFERRED UNTIL THURSDAY)
    • Catch the Rainbow typing (DEFERRED UNTIL THURSDAY)
    • Monkey Dust admin ✔️
    • today’s blog post ✔️ (this was yesterday’s blog post)
    • run to bank ✔️
    • run to post office ✔️
    • tomorrow’s blog post ✔️ (this is today’s blog post)
    • revise motivational Mondays workshops ✔️
    • this week’s garden post ✔️
    • The Fool planning (DEFERRED UNTIL THURSDAY)
    • SS A Death in the Night #1 (DEFERRED TO NEXT WEEK)
    • SS Thin brainstorm (DEFERRED UNTIL THURSDAY)
    • electronic edits on Taliban book ✔️

There are a few items where I made the decision to defer until later this week or next week. I lost most of Monday due to not feeling well. Tuesday was already written off. And it took a bit of catching up on Wednesday. I had to move them so that I didn’t beat myself up over them. And by now it was too late to do the new month spreadsheets for this month, so I deferred those until July.

Here’s what I’m supposed to be doing today:

  • Diary of a Pussycat revisions
  • Catch the Rainbow typing
  • tomorrow’s blog post
  • revise motivational Mondays workshops
  • The Fool planning
  • SS Thin brainstorm
  • electronic edits on Taliban book
  • Diane’s Gig List admin
  • short story deadlines for June & July

That’s looking better, far more easy to manage.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday 8 June 2023: I’m so retro

    1. I just bit the bullet in the end, to get rid of the client work first so I can spend more time with my own work once it’s off my desk.

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