Friday 9 June 2023: Full steam ahead

Image by janrye from Pixabay

I didn’t think I was very hungry on Wednesday at tea time, but the poet made the dinner we should have had on Sunday and I ate it all. All of it. Then we had raspberries and ice cream for pudding, and all of that went as well.

That was followed by a few munchies. And then he made us both a sandwich each. So I thought my appetite had come back. Not so. By Thursday morning it was gone again and I started the day with only a cup of tea, again.

This cold is doing wonders for my weight-loss. I’ll try not to get excited, though, because no doubt as soon as I start eating again, the weight will all pile on again.

I was at my desk way before 10am, which is my target start time. I was catching up with, responding to, and writing emails first of all. The day started with an email from the Taliban book author enquiring about his book’s progress.

This book has been on my desk for a long time, and the author has every right to be worried.

I did a quick share of the gig list, spent far too long arranging for our new bed to be delivered, hung some washing out and (later) brought it in again, fed the garden birds, emptied the kitchen bins and changed the liners, and ordered a repeat prescription from the doctor.

Then it was full steam ahead on the Taliban book before I did anything else. I’ve promised he’ll have it by the end of today, so I’m working on it again today.

I can see me working through the weekend at this rate. I might just shelve my own work today, get the book back to the author, and then do my own work on Saturday and Sunday, just to clear the deck and so I can ‘play’ with a clear conscience.

Whatever you end up doing, have a great weekend.

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